Hairston Cemetery

Lowndes County, Mississippi

Located about 5 miles east of Crawford and north of Whispering Pines Road in Lowndes County, Mississippi.  In Hardin Hairston's will dated 29 September 1862, he states - "To J.T.W. Hairston I give the land described as the E. ½ of Sec. 29 S.E. ¼ Sec. 20., all of Sec. 21, W. ½ N.W. ¼ + S.W. of Sec. 22, all of Sec. 28. T. 17. R 17. E. in Lowndes County, Miss. – (except one acre, the grave yard, which I give all my heirs as a cemetery)".  This one acre was several hundred yards east of the plantation home.

The cemetery was restored about 1986 by Mr. Nick Hairston.


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