Dr. Peter Constantine HAIRSTON

HAIRSTON.org ID#10, b. 9 June 1823, d. 7 May 1889
Father*Hardin HAIRSTON1 b. 23 Oct 1786, d. 23 Oct 1862
Mother*Sarah "Sally" Stovall STAPLES1 b. 1 Oct 1791, d. 4 May 1845
Birth*Dr. Peter Constantine HAIRSTON was born on 9 June 1823 in Old Fort, Patrick County, Virginia.1

He was the son of Hardin HAIRSTON and Sarah "Sally" Stovall STAPLES.1 
College* Between 1842 and 1843, attended in Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Virginia, "1182. PETER C. HAIRSTON, Columbus, Miss.: Physician." page 97.2 
Marriage*He married Wortley Virginia MOSELEY, daughter of John Townes MOSELEY and Mary Wortley MONTAGUE, on 21 December 1848 in Wahalak, Kemper Co., Mississippi.1,3,4,5 
Census 1850*Dr. Peter Constantine HAIRSTON appeared on the census of 26 September 1850 in Lowndes County, Mississippi; Peter Hairston 27 physician, Wortly V. 19, Harden M. 10/12.6

WillHe witnessed the will of Elizabeth Perkins HAIRSTON on 21 April 1858 in Lowndes County, Mississippi.7 
Census 1860*He appeared on the 1860 census; in Lowndes County, Mississippi.8

WillIn Hardin HAIRSTON's will dated 29 September 1862, Dr. Peter Constantine HAIRSTON was named as an heir; Hardin Hairston left a will dated 29 September 1862, Lowndes County Courthouse, Mississippi, page 122. PDF transcript and a copy of will attached.9
Census 1870*He appeared on the 1870 census; in Lowndes County, Mississippi.10

Patent* U.S. Patent #143282 for a Vehicle Wheel was issued to P. C. Hairston of Crawfordsville, Mississippi on Sepetember 30, 1873. A PDF copy of the patent is attached here.
Census 1880*He appeared on the census of 23 June 1880 in Lowndes County, Mississippi.11

Religion*He was was made Ruling Elder at Bethel Presbyterian Church, Lowndes Co., Mississippi on September 5, 1880.5 

(left to right)
Peter's daughter Sally Staples, Dr. Peter C. Hairston, Peter's daughter Pattie Allen, family friend Miss Moina Evans, Peter's wife Wortley Virginia Moseley Hairston, Miss Emily Elizabeth Ervin (sister of the wife of Peter's son George). 
Will*Will of Peter Constantine Hairston, 24 March 1884, Lowndes County, Mississippi. PDF copy and transcript of will attached.12
BiographyHe was mentioned the BIOGRAPHY of Hardin HAIRSTON on 21 June 1884; From the "Historical Sketch of the Bethel Presbyterian Church, Lowndes County, Miss - June 21, 1884 -

"Mr. Hardin Hairston, one of the early immigrants who came from Virginia, and who left a large number of descendants, living within the bounds of this congregation, looked to the ministers of this Church for counsel and instruction in divine things; and while I was your Minister, it was my privilege to preach the gospel at his house by his request, when he was disabled by physical infirmity from attending the services at the Church. His mind was, then, turned toward the interests of eternity. It pleased the Lord, of His sovereign grace, to enlighten him in the saving knowledge of the gospel, so that he was priviledged to confess Christ before men, ere he should depart. He united w1th this Church, Oct 12, 1862, and died on the 23rd of the same month. His son, Dr. P. C. Hairston was received on examination, Dec. 1, 1879, and is now one of your Elders. Mrs. Wortley V. Hairston, the wife of Dr. Hairston, was a member of the Wahalak Church in Kemper County, where her father John T. Moseley resided, but after her ma rriage, she transferred her membership to this Church, November 27, 1, 1852. Their daughter, Mrs. Sallie S. Ervin, professed her faith in Christ, Sept. 30, 1871, but has transferred her membership elsewhere. In 1859, while I was the Minister, the Lord graciously brought into his kingdom the three daughters of Col. Sam'l Hairston, who had died before I came here, and of his widow, Mrs. Elizabeth Hairston, who had then recently deceased, thus leaving them double orphans, viz: Miss Sally Alice Hairston, now the wife of Rev. A. H. Barkley, Miss Sam Henry Elizabeth Hairston, and Miss Mary Theodosia Hairston, who continued their connection until 1873, when they transferred it to Crawford Church. Mrs. K. C. Hairston, wife of N. E. Hairston was admitted on examination, Oct 14, 1864 and was removed by death Oct 1st, 1875. Her daughter Mrs. Mary Watt Hairston, wife of George W. Hairston, professed her faith in Christ, Oct 3, 1880, and in the bloom of her married life was cut down by the fell destroyer, Jan 14, 1882, leaving a little daughter who has since received baptism. Mrs. Mary Ervin Hairston, already mentioned as a daughter of E. A. Ervin, the wife of Hardin M. Hairston, was received on examination, Sept. 30, 1871, and is now of your membership along with her four baptized children."5
ProbateDr. Peter Constantine HAIRSTON was mentioned in the probate of the estate of George HAIRSTON on 6 June 1885 in Lowndes County, Mississippi; Case No. 2019, Estate Files 2011-2051. A pdf copy is attached.13
Death*Dr. Peter Constantine HAIRSTON died on 7 May 1889 in Lowndes County, Mississippi, at age 65.14 
Burial*He was buried in Hairston Cemetery, Lowndes County, Mississippi.14

Probate*His estate was probated on 13 May 1889 in Columbus, Lowndes County, Mississippi. Will dated March 24, 1884 is recorded in the Lowndes County Courthouse, Will Book No. 1, Page 572.3 


Wortley Virginia MOSELEY b. 25 Oct 1831, d. 11 Feb 1902
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