1066             Norman conquest of England under William the Conqueror

1297             William Wallace a Scottish Knight (see movie "Braveheart") defeats English at Stirling Bridge

1306             Robert Bruce was "King of Scots" from 1306-1329

1314             Battle of Bannockburn, Robert Bruce defeats English and becomes King of Scotland

1328             Edward III of England formally recognizes Scotland's independence

1329             Robert Bruce dies

1506             Hairstaines appear in Dumfries, Scotland town records

1570             Halbert Hairstanis said to have signed the Band of Dumfries

1588             Katherine Hairstens mentioned in Dumfries General Assembly Report

1632             Johne Hairstanes was a bailie of Dumfries, Scotland

1648             John Hairstanes was a businessman in Dumfries, Scotland

c1655           William, John, Bessie, Janet, Isobel and Agnes Hairstanes signed Scottish Covenants

1660-88        Covenanters - Presbyterians in Scotland persecuted and shipped to America in chains

1665             John Hairstanes granted title of "Laird of Craigs" from King Charles II in 1665

1667             John Harstens daughter Elizabeth marries John Sharp

1685             Agnes Hairstanes a Covenanter prisoner in Dunnottar Castle, Scotland

1693             John Hairstanes (not the John listed above) of Irongray Parish, Scotland, fled to Ireland

c1695           Peter Hairstone ( "Peter The Immigrant") born in Ireland or Scotland

1699             Janet Harestanes accused of being a witch near Dumfries, Scotland

1707             Parliament of Scotland and England merged into United Kingdom of Great Britain

1714             House of Hanover replaces Stuart Dynasty in Great Britain

1715             Jacobite rising of 1715, James Stuart (Old Pretender) tried to regain the throne

                      It is thought that "Peter The Immigrant" fled to Ireland after this battle.

1720             William Hairstanes granted title "Laird of Craigs"

1726             Peter Hairstones signs a lease for farm land in County Antrim, Ireland with Sir Robert Adair

1726             First African slaves arrive in Lancaster Co., PA, three years before Peter Hairston and family

1728-29       Crop failure in Ireland and probable time of "Peter the Immigrant" coming to America

c1729           Peter Hairston "Peter the Immigrant " is in Donegal, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania

1734             William Hairstanes of Dumfries is importing tobacco from the American colonies

1737             Peter and his son Andrew Hairston receive Blunston Licenses for land in Pennsylvania

1741             Peter Hairston signs petition for road work in Goochland County, Virginia

1743             Samuel Hairston (son of "Peter the Immigrant") purchases 400 acres in Virginia

1745             Berry Hill home started by Peter Perkins in Pittsylvania County, Virginia

1746             Battle of Culloden in Scotland (Peter Hairston and family were in America at this time)

1746-47        Peter Hairston was a member of Reformed Presbyterian Church in Ivy Creek, Virginia

1754-63        French & Indian War, Lt. Samuel Hairston, Lt. Robert Hairston, Sgt. Andrew Hairston

                       were in the Bedford County, Virginia Milita during these years

1758-61        Samuel Hairston represented Bedford County in the House of Burgesses

c1759            Marrowbone Plantation built by Robert  Hairston (son of "Peter the Immigrant")

1766-68        Samuel Hairston was elected High Sheriff of Bedford County, Virginia

1774             Lord Dumore's War, Colony of Virginia vs. Shawnee and Mingo Indians

1775-83        American Revolutionary War, George Washington commands Continental Army

1776             Henry County formed and George Hairston donated land for the court house

1776             Beaver Creek Plantation built by George Hairston in Henry Co., Virginia

1776             George Hairston was Colonel during War of Independence

1781             Battle of Guilford Court House fought and Berry Hill was used as military hospital

1782             Andrew Hairston will probated in Campbell Co., VA

1782             Samuel Hairston will probated in Campbell Co., VA

1791             Robert Hairston will probated in Franklin Co., VA 

1805             George "Old Rusty" Hairston (1784-1863) graduates from Princeton

1812             George Hairston (1750-1827), was a General during War of 1812

1817             Peter Hairston acquires 2,500 acres on Yadkin River in NC called Cooleemee

1825-33        Dan's Hill Plantation built by Robert Wilson

1836             Hordsville Plantation built by George "Old Rusty" Hairston, Jr.

1837             Beaver Creek rebuilt after fire

1837-40        Hardin Hairston moves to Lowndes County, Mississippi

1843             Peter Wilson Hairston travels to Europe on SS Great Western

1844             Peter Wilson Hairston returns from Europe on RMS Britannia

1850-60        Windsor Plantation built by Samuel Pannil Wilson & wife Ruth Stovall Hairston

1853-55        Cooleemee Plantation under construction

1859             Peter Wilson Hairston returns to Europe with his bride Fanny Caldwell Hairston

1861-65        "War Between the States", also known as the "War of Rebellion" & "Civil War"

1861             Peter Wilson Hairston was civilian aide-de-camp to Brig. General J.E.B. Stuart

1862             Peter Wilson Hairston, Lt. Col., 24th Virginia, wounded during Battle of Williamsburg

1942             Claude W. Hairston, Aviation Machinist Mate, US Navy, Missing In Action - Pacific - WWII

1943             Robert Ervin Hairston flies 88 combat missions in B24 with 14th Air Force in China

1943-44       Joy Shelby Hairston is the youngest dancer at 16 with the Radio City Music Hall Rockettes

1944             Ide Eager Hairston, Private US Army, Killed In Action, Normandy, France - WWII

1946             William Gray Hairston elected Mayor of Columbus, Mississippi

1950             Guy E. Hairston Jr. flies 106 missions in Korean War, retires as Major General

1957-60       Robert Ervin Hairston is a Hurricane Hunter flying WB-50s from Kindley AFB, Bermuda



NOTE: Some of the dates and information are subject to discussion. Corrections and suggestions are welcomed.