William HAIRSTANES Laird of Craigs

HAIRSTON.org ID#3024, b. 11 July 1687, d. 2 January 1738
Father*Mathew HAIRSTANES of Craigs1 b. 22 Apr 1624, d. 7 May 1698
Mother*Mary DOUGLAS
NOTENote: Laird, the Scots equivalent of "Lord", is a generic name for the owner of a large, long-established Scottish estate. In the Scottish order of precedence, a laird ranks below a baron and above a gentleman. Craigs refers to the estate he owned. It was southeast of Dumfries. 
Baptism*William HAIRSTANES Laird of Craigs was baptized on 11 July 1687 in Dumfries, Scotland.2 
He was the son of Mathew HAIRSTANES of Craigs and Mary DOUGLAS.1 
NOTE*"Our soveraign lord, with the advice and consent of the estates of parliament of this his majesties' ancient kingdom of Scotland, has ratified, approven and confirmed and, by these presents, ratifies, approves and confirms the charter made and granted by his majestie under his great seal of this kingdom, of the date at Kensingtoun, the nineteenth day of April, one thousand and seven hundred years, to and in favors of his majesties' lovit William Hairstaines of Craigs, and the heirs male to be procreat of his body, which failyieing to the heirs male, tailyie, provision and others, in a charter granted by the deceist King Charles the second, of blessed memory, in favors of the deceist John Hairstaines, grandfather of the said William Hairstaines, therein designed younger of Craigs, dated the twenty fourth day of February, one thousand, six hundreth and sixty five, of the lands underwritten, with the pertinents, which failyieing to his other heirs and assigneyes whatsomever, of all and haill the ten merk land of Overkelwood, with tower, fortalice, manner place, houses, biggings, woods, fishings, haill parts and pendicles of the samen, lying in the paroch of Dumfreis and sheriffdome thereof. ....." October 29, 1700.3 
Marriage*William HAIRSTANES Laird of Craigs married Mary Maxwell about 1708 in Dumfries, Scotland; William Hairstanes of Craigs, XI.218,223,231; XII.84; XIII.1,14; XVI.102,126; his spouse, see Maxwell, Mary.
Dumfries Register of Sasines, 1733-1760, page 60.4,5 
Occupation*William Hairstanes was one of several men that put up a bond for a "large quantity" of tobacco that was shipped to Kirkcudbright, Scotland aboard the ship Providence in 1721 from the American Colonies. The other men were Thomas Mirrie, John Rae, Thomas Arbuthnot, Archibald Allan, and William Falconer. Scottish Board Minutes, the entry was dated 15 August 1734.6 
Death*William HAIRSTANES Laird of Craigs died on 2 January 1738 in Dumfries, Scotland, at age 50.7 
Probate*His estate was probated on 13 February 1738; "Signature of the lands of Over Kelwood etc granted to Elizabeth Hairstanes, Isobel Hairstanes, Mary Hairstanes and Winifred Hairstanes (Hairstens)." SIG1/84/6.8 
Property*"Minute of sale by the relict and daughters of William Hairstens (Hairstanes) of Craigs to Charles, Duke of Queensberry and Dover, of the barony of Craigs." GD124/1/1188.8 


Mary Maxwell d. 19 Apr 1759

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