Mathew HAIRSTANES of Craigs ID#2187, b. 22 April 1624, d. 7 May 1698
Father*John HAIRSTANES Laird of Craigs1,2,3,4 d. bt 13 Jan 1670 - 19 Mar 1670
Mother*Agnes GLEDSTANES1
MarriageMathew HAIRSTANES of Craigs married Anna FERGUSSON, daughter of Robert FERGUSSON of Craigdarroch and Elizabeth GRIERSON.1,5 
NOTE*Much of the following is taken from the "An Introduction to the History of Dumfries" by R. C. Reid and may be accurate. However, having all your children between 63 and 73 raises some questions. I have not located a birth date for his wife Mary Douglas. R. C. Reid also has Anna Fergusson marrying Mathew Hairstanes that died in 1628. She married the Mathew Hairstanes that died in 1698, as Anna's death records indicates her husband Mathew was still alive when she died. 
Baptism*Mathew HAIRSTANES of Craigs was baptized on 22 April 1624 in Dumfriesshire, Scotland.1 
He was the son of John HAIRSTANES Laird of Craigs and Agnes GLEDSTANES.1,2,3,4 
ProbateMathew HAIRSTANES of Craigs was listed as a beneficiary in John HAIRSTANES Laird of Craigs's will on 5 January 1686; Matheus Harstanes de craigs, haeres Joannis Harstanes de Craigs, patris, --in 10 libratis terrarum de Over Kelwood, infra parochiam de Dumfries;---terris de Neather Kelwood infra parochiam praedictum;--terris de Bourlands, in parochia de Carlaverock.--A. E. 20l. N. E. 60l. xxxix. 93.2 
Marriage*Mathew HAIRSTANES of Craigs married Mary DOUGLAS, daughter of James DOUGLAS and Jean HEPBURNE, before 3 December 1686.6 
Anecdote*Enlarged loft in Kirk - seat rental - Craig. 
Death*Mathew HAIRSTANES of Craigs died on 7 May 1698 in Dumfries, Scotland, at age 74, "Matthew Hairstanes of Craigs died on Saturday last, was buried that day in his own burial place in the Kirk of Dumfries." Written in parish records on 10 May 1698..7,4 
Probate*His estate was probated in August 1707; Dumfries and Kirkcudbright: - The commissariot record of Dumfries, Register of testaments, 1624-1800. 



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