Isobel HAIRSTANES ID#3042, b. 3 February 1691, d. 1 February 1766
Father*Mathew HAIRSTANES of Craigs1 b. 22 Apr 1624, d. 7 May 1698
Mother*Mary DOUGLAS
Birth*Isobel HAIRSTANES was born on 3 February 1691 in Dumfries, Scotland.1 
She was the daughter of Mathew HAIRSTANES of Craigs and Mary DOUGLAS.1 
Marriage*Isobel HAIRSTANES married John MATHISON on 28 April 1715 in Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, "John Mathison one of the Ministers of Edinburgh and Isoble Hairstones daughter of the deceast Mathew Hairstones of Craigs.".2 
Married Name As of 28 April 1715,her married name was MATHISON. 
Death*Isobel HAIRSTANES died on 1 February 1766 at age 74, "Isabel, relict of Mr. John Mathison, one of the Ministers of Edinburgh".3 
Probate*Her estate was probated on 30 April 1766 in Dumfries, Scotland; Hairstanes, Isobel, relict of Mr. John Mathison, minister at Edinburgh 30 Apr 1766
Dumfries and Kirkcudbright: - The commissariot record of Dumfries, Register of testaments, 1624-1800. 


John MATHISON b. 1679, d. 8 Nov 1752

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