Please let me know if you have any documentation relating to the parents of the following individuals.
  • PETER HAIRSTON - Peter "The Immigrant", born about 1695 in Ireland or Scotland. Who was his father? Was he the same Peter Hairston that signed the land lease in Ireland in 1726? When did he die and where?
  • AGNES - PETER'S WIFE - what was the maiden name of Agnes? What is a "Irish Lady of Rank"? Was she from a wealthy family in Ireland? Was she related to Sir Robert Adair, the owner of the land Peter Hairston rented in 1726? Or, did someone just add this title to her to make her sound more interesting?
  • WILLIAM B. HAIRSTON He appears in the 1850 Federal Census of Shelby County, Tennessee with his wife Harriet and 4 children.
  • JOHN L. HAIRSTON born in 1811 and married Elizabeth. They are in Hinds County, Mississippi in 1850 and 1860. Then he is in Falls County, Texas in 1880. He was born in South Carolina, as were both of his parents. Who are his parents?


This is an ongoing project compiling many, many years of research by Victor Hairston, the late Edward J. Bregenzer and myself, Robert E. Hairston.  When looking at the Reference Page you will see that there was a tremendous amount of research by other people that we relied upon.  Victor and Ed concentrated their research on the descendants of Peter's son Andrew.  My research is on Peter’s son Robert and the records prior to 1750 in Scotland, Ireland and America.  We all relied on the publications by Elizabeth Seawell Hairston (1855-1944), Ruth Hairston Early (1849-1928) and Judge Peter W. Hairston, III (1913-2007).

There are errors in this website and in the genealogy books found in libraries. Please let me know when you find errors on this website and I will correct them.  There are many instances when old documents have conflicting information.  In thoses cases I will try to note those difference.

Records of living people and most people born after 1940 are not listed for privacy reasons.  Keep in mind, the 1950 Federal Census is available on the internet and information for people born before 1950 will be available, living or dead.  Be careful when you use your mother’s maiden name or other family information as a password for financial institutions and websites.

Thank you.



Repositories     (Libraries, archives, courthouses, etc. - many with searchable online records)

Library of Virginia - Online Catalog - Archives & Manuscripts (there is a wealth of information in the microfilm records in the Richmond Library)

Library of Virginia - Virginia Memory - Chancery Records Index

Southern Historical Collection, Wilson Special Collections Library, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC.

Hathi Trust Digital Library (great source for searching printed books, you can use this website to search a book for a specfic word such as "Hairston" and quite often you will find a search word not found in the books index)

Google Books (great source for searching printed books, you can use this website to search a book for a specfic word such as "Hairston" and quite often you will find a search word not found in the books index)

U.S. Department of Interior, Bureau of Land Management, General Land Office Records

Bassett Historical Center Bassett, Virginia

Dumfries and Galloway Family History Society Dumfries, Scotland

Scotlands People ($ membership)

PRONI - Public Record Office of Northern Ireland ($ membership, be careful of member family trees that are often full of errors and sometimes made by students as school projects) (free, great source for census and other government records)

Find A Grave (free, good site for looking up cemetery markers, however, people are allowed to make virtual cemetery listings for individuals without graves or grave markers, also the relatives that are listed are sometimes incorrect and incomplete.  Lisitngs with photos of the grave markers are very helpful.)


Printed Publications (partial listing of the many sources used creating this website)

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