Elizabeth Hairstanes Maxwell - Lady Alva HAIRSTON Family History and Genealogy - Lady Alva, Lady Glenorchy and the Countess of Sutherland


 Elizabeth Hairstanes Maxwell, Lady Alva - 1717

Elizabeth Hairstanes was born in 1717 in Dumfries, Scotland to William Hairstanes, Laird of Craig’s (see Coat of Arms) and his wife Mary Maxwell.  At the age of 22, Elizabeth married William Maxwell of Preston, Scotland and they had two daughters, Mary and Willielma.

Mary Sutherland, Countess of Sutherland - 1740

Mary Maxwell, first daughter of Elizabeth Hairstanes Maxwell, was born in 1740 and married William Gordon (named was changed to Sutherland), 18th Earl of Sutherland.

Willielma Campbell, Lady Glenorchy - 1741

Willielma Maxwell, second daughter of Elizabeth Hairstanes Maxwell, was born in 1741 and when she was 20 married John Campbell, the son of John Campbell, 3rd Earl of Breadalbane and Holland. (More information on her life.)





Thomas Gainsborough portrait of Willielma Campbell


(In 2005 this painting sold for $121,390)