South Carolina HAIRSTONs ID#8165
NOTE*NOTE: They are grouped together for research purposes. It appears that William Hairston, Peter Hairston and John Hairston were all born a few years apart and all lived on their own land next to each other. Thomas Hairston was born about the same time and obtained his property on the 23 January 1773, the same day William Hairston did. This does NOT prove they are brothers. However, I have listed them together as they all appear to have come to South Carolina about the same time and are probably related as brothers or cousins.

If these four men were brothers, did they also have sisters that lived in South Carolina? Who did they marry?

I have not found any records that indicate where they were born or who their parents where.
Virginia and North Carolina Connections:

William Hairston, Jr. (#867), the son of William Hairston and Ann S. (unknown). There is a probate folder in Rowan County, North Carolina Estate Files 1663-1979 image 00582 labeled William Hairston, Jr. and dated 1813. It is probably related to his father that died in 1808. It is very hard to read anything on the microfilm image, but appears to be any inventory.

In Samuel Hairston's will dated 1782, he mentions a niece Jane Phillips. The census of Jane's son states she was born in South Carolina. She was born prior to the 1782 will, was married c1803 and had a child in 1812. It would seem then, that Jane was born between 1770 and 1781. Samuel Hairston and his two brothers were born about 1720. Therefore the likehood that Jane Phillips wasa niece of Samuel's brothers or sisters does not seem likely. It would be possible for Jane Phillips to be a great neice or possibily the daughter of a half sister if Peter the Immigrant (Samuel's father) had a second wife and children. 


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