SOUTH CAROLINA FAMILIES (surname unknown) ID#8165
NOTE*GENEALOGY NOTES: They are grouped together for research purposes. It appears that William Hairston, Peter Hairston and John Hairston were all born a few years apart and all lived on their own land next to each other. Thomas Hairston was born about the same time and obtained his property on the 23 January 1773, the same day William Hairston did. This does NOT prove they are brothers. However, I have listed them together as they all appear in South Carolina about the same time and are probably related as brothers or cousins.

There is a record of a GEORGE HAIRSTON that witnessed a deed in South Carolina in 1771. This deed was from James Boyle to Patrick Cunningham, both of Berkeley County, for 100 acres. (South Carolina Deed Abstracts 1719-1772, Vol. IV, by Clara A. Langley) The only possible George Hairston (1750-1827) in my records is the son of Robert Hairston (1724-1791). He was in South Carolina while serving in the Virginia Militia and returned there during the Revolution.


Some possibilities that have been mentioned:
1. They arrived in South Carolina directly from Scotland or Ireland.
2. They are Andrew's sons that he did not mention in his will. However, why would Andrew have had two sons named Peter.
3. They are the sons of Peter, a fourth son of Peter the Immigrant.
4. Peter the Immigrant's wife died at sea and he had a second family after he arrived in America.


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