John HAIRSTON ID#1735, b. before 1755
Father*SOUTH CAROLINA FAMILIES (surname unknown)
Birth*John HAIRSTON was born before 1755. John served on a jury in 1778 and should have been 21 or older. The 1800 Federal Census shows one adult male over 45. Assuming this was John, he was born before 1755.1,2 
He was the son of SOUTH CAROLINA FAMILIES (surname unknown)
County Name1769 - Ninety-Six District formed from Granville County. 
Marriage*John HAIRSTON married Mary Ann ROBERTSON about 1774.3 
Court Record*John Hairston and Thomas Hairston witnessed a indenture between William Little and John Irwin on 10 January 1774 in Ninety-Six District, South Carolina. John Hairston signed his name. The document was recorded 27 April 1774. Before 1785, deeds were recorded in Charleston. Charleston County, South Carolina Deed Book F-4, pages 538-547. FSL #8139624, Images 604-605.4
SurveyJohn Harriston is mentioned as an adjacent land owner in a South Carolina Memorial for James Harris for 200 acres on Stephens Creek, Ninety-Six District. The survey was completed 8 July 1774. - FSL #8192073 image 366.5
Court Record*1777-1779 - John Hairston is listed on "A List of Petit-Jurymen and Jury Men in Civil Causes" in Long Cane and Places Adjacent, Ninety-Six District, South Carolina.2 
Military*John Hairstane - from 18 Jan 1780 to 11 Apr 1780, served as a Sergeant in the horse militia under Capt. Joseph Pickens company under Col. Anderson's regiment. A.A.3224; O458; X3019. - page 400.6,7

County Name*1785 - Abbeville County formed from Ninety-Six District. 
MilitaryJohn Hairstane the state of South Carolina issued a voucher indicating that the state owned him money for his service during the revolutionay war. As Follows:
No. 458 Book O - Issued the 22nd of April 1785 to Mr. John Hairstane - for Thirteen Pounds, thirteen Shillings, & two pence, half penny, Sterling, for Militia Duty as Sergeant, signed. Account audited.

No. 3019 Lib X - Issued 1st May 1786, to John Hairston for Thirteen Pounds, 13/2 1/2 Sterling for Militia Duty in Col. Anderson's Regiment in 1780. signed. audited.7,8 
Survey*On 22 October 1785, John Hairston has a 162 acres on Calhouns Creek, surveyed by Thomas Finlay. This tract is in the Ninety-Six District, South Carolina adjacent to Thomas Finlay and Francis Sutherland. - S213190 V9 page 329.5
SurveyOn 5 June 1789, Charles Caldwell plats 908 acres adjacent John Hairston, William Hairston and David Cunningham on Johns Creek in Ninety Six District.
South Carolina Archives ID: Series: S213190 Volume: 0024 Page: 00299 Item: 001. 
SurveyOn 5 June 1789, John Hairston acquires 405 acres in the Ninety-Six District adjacent to Peter Hairston and William Hairston. - FSL #8686970.

Census 1790*John HAIRSTON appeared on the census of 1790 in Abbeville, South Carolina, Jno Hearston: Males 5 under 16, 1 over 16, Females 2, Slaves: 3. (5 possible sons under 16 born between 1775 and 1790 - Robert, Peter, David, Hugh and an unknown) - FSL #5157144 image 275.9
Court Record*In 1793 John Herston and his brother Peter Herston are listed as executors on the will of Susana Maxfield's. - FSL #4752968 image 85. Abbeville, South Carolina, 10 September 1793.10
Court RecordOn 24 April 1794, John Hairston and Izaac Logan were the administors of the estate of Edmond Beazley. - Abbeville Wills Book 1, page 110. FSL #4752968 image 86.11
Court RecordOn 14 July 1795, in Abbeville, John Logan Sr. and John Hairston were charged with neglect of duty on the public road and fined 10 pounds sterling. They were tried and released from the charges. - Columbia SC Miscellaneous Records 3g 1795-1797, page 45. FSL #8426858, image 50.
Census 1800*He appeared on the census of 1800 in Abbeville, South Carolina, John Hariston - Males: under 10 5, 10-15 3, 16-25 1, 45+ 1, Females: under 10 1, 16-25 1, 26-44 1, Slaves: 3. - Note: males under 10 born would be John, Ezekiel, 3 unknown; males 10-15 Peter, David, Hugh; males 16-25 - Robert.1
Court RecordOn 3 january 1804, Peter Hairston filed a bill in Equity Court against John Hairston on 3 January 1804 in the Ninety-Six District, South Carolina. This was related to the sale of 200 acres by Peter Hairston to John Hairston.
Court RecordOn 30 October 1806, John Hairston witnessed the will of John McCord on 30 October 1806 in Abbeville County.5 
WillHe witnessed the will of John MCCORD on 30 October 1806 in Abbeville, South Carolina; His will mentions: sons John, James, William, Robert and Joseph; daughters Margaret McCord, Eleanor McCord, Agnes W. Farlin, Elizabeth McCord and Isabell McCrakin; grandson William Stuart McCord. Witnesses are John Hairston, Josiah Chambers and Andrew Paul.5,12 
ProbateJohn HAIRSTON was a buyer of property from the estate of William HAIRSTON on 4 May 1808 in Abbeville, South Carolina; A list of personal property sold of William Hairston, dated 4 May 1808, was given to court. It listed the items sold, buyer's name and sale price. Inventory was made by John Hairston, Archibald Douglas and William Bell. Buyers listed in probate included: William's wife Ann, John Hairston, Peter Hairston Jr., William Hairston, Jr., Hugh B. Hairston, James Lomax and James R. Hairston. Also Benjamin Adams, Henry ? , William Russel, Aaron Snodin, Foster Leachman, Joseph Doneny, Amos Spiller, John Russel, Nancy Pane, John Walls, William Young, John Walls, William Turnblen and Charles Walls. Sale was signed by James Lomax Jr, clerk.
Passport1*Georgia Passport issued for travel through the Creek Nation, presumed to be issued to John Hairston.3 
Census 1810*John HAIRSTON appeared on the census of 1810 in Abbeville, South Carolina, John Herston - Males: under 10 1 (Hezekiah), 10-15 2 (Ezekiel, ? ), 16-25 2 (Hugh, David), 45+ 1, Females: under 10 1, 45+ 1, Slaves 1. - FSL #4185992 image 53.13

Genealogy Notes:
John McCord Sr. was a neighbor of Peter Hairston (c1695-c1762 The Immigrant) and member of Mountain Plain Congregational Church. There are websites that claim John McCord or his son married a Hairston, but I have not found any sources for this. John McCord Sr. died in 1764 in Albemarle County, Virginia and his son John McCord Jr. moved to Abbeville County, South Carolina and witnessed John Hairston's will in 1806.
In the Albemarle County, Virginia court papers of 10 July 1747 (FSL 7893705-160), there is a John Herston listed on a jury. This John Herston needed to be over 21 to serve on a jury, therefore born before 1726. The brothers Andrew, Samuel and Peter were all listed as Herston, Hairstone or Hairston, depending on which court clerk wrote the minutes. I DO NOT believe this is the same John Hairston that is listed above, because he would have been in his 60s in the military and would have had his last son at about 76 years old. This John Herston on a Virginia jury might be a lead as to where the South Carolina Hairstons came from. Also, this John Herston could have been just a incorrectly spelled surname.


Mary Ann ROBERTSON b. a 1754, d. a 1840

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