HAIRSTON.org ID#1870, b. about 1785, d. about 1844
Father*John HAIRSTON1 b. b 1755
Mother*Mary Ann ROBERTSON1 b. a 1754, d. a 1840
Birth*David N. HAIRSTON was born about 1785 in Abbeville, South Carolina.1 
He was the son of John HAIRSTON and Mary Ann ROBERTSON.1 
Marriage*David N. HAIRSTON married Isabella (surname unknown) about 1810.1,2 
Census 1830*David N. HAIRSTON appeared on the census of 1830 in Montgomery County, Alabama, David Hearston, listed next to his mother Ann Hearston: Males: under 5 1, 5-9 2, 40-49 1, Females: under 5 1, 10-14 2, 15-19 2, 30-39 1.3

Census 1840*He appeared on the census of 1840 in Pennington, Union County, Arkansas, D Harston: Males, under 5 1, 5-9 1, 10-14 1, 15-19 2, 20-29 1, 50-59 1, Females, under 5 3, 10-14 1, 15-19 2, 20-29 1, 50-59 1.4 
Death*He died about 1844.1 
NOTE*Notes from "The Hairston History" by Victor Hairston and Ed. Bregenzer;
"As you will see later this David N. Hairston and his son David N. Hairston caused 'researchers' no end of problems trying to figure out who was who. When it was finally discovered that they were father and son everything fell into place. David N. Hairston,Senior was listed in the 1830 Montgomery County Alabama census along with his mother Ann (Robertson) Hairston. He was listed in the 1838 Union (Bradley) County, Arkansas Poll Tax record. He was listed on the 1840 Union County, Arkansas census. His place of death is not certain, there is a record in Alabama that a David N. Hairston bought a 19 year old slave girl in 1844 from a Mr. E. Lockett for Polly Ann Hairston the wife of Angustus G.Thomas, a marriage was recorded in Montgomery County, Alabama in 1830 for the above mentioned Polly and Angustus. Family tradition has it that David died returning home from this excursion into Alabama. [This family tradition from Billy and Audrey Hairston in Warren, Arkansas and also Jane Penick in Foley. Alabama, 1997]."1 


Isabella (surname unknown) b. 1797

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