HAIRSTON.org ID#849, b. about 1744, d. about April 1808
Father*SOUTH CAROLINA FAMILIES (surname unknown)
Birth*William HAIRSTON was born about 1744, It appears from the 1800 census that William and his wife were over 45 years old and therefore born before 1755. In 1778 he was on a jury and should have been over 21, therefore born before 1757..1,2 
He was the son of SOUTH CAROLINA FAMILIES (surname unknown)
Marriage*William HAIRSTON married Ann S. (surname unknown) about 1765.3 
County Name*1769 - Ninety-Six District from Granville County. The old Granville County lasted from 1708 up to 1768. No county records were kept from 1708 to 1768, they were kept at the parish level. There was another Granville County formed from 1785 to 1795. 
PropertyThe South Carolina Council Journals, dated February 5, 1772, show that William Hairston had two plats to be certified, 100 acres in Granville County originally surveyed for John Smith and 100 acres in Berkley County originally surveyed for John (or James) Lindley. A Memorial was issued 8 June 1773 for 100 acres in Granville County. - Memorial Vol. 12 page 238. FSL #8196057 image 148.4
Grant William Hairston obtained a Royal Land Grant for 100 acres located in Granville County on 6 January 1773. Series S213019, Vol. 28, Page 162 NOTE: Granville County was replaced by the Ninety-Six District in 1769. Therefore, William Hairston probably occupied this land before 1769. In 1755 South Carolina raised the "headright" from 50 acres to 100 acres of land for the head of household and 50 acres for each additional person in the household. Therefore, it appears that William Hairston moved into South Carolina as a single man. From 1719 to 1785, deeds were recorded in Charleston, not in the county, parish or district were the land was. However, many land owners did not record their deeds for many years after they obtained their land and may have recorded the deed after 1785 in their county. - FSL #7856740 image 795.5
Survey*A survey was made on 6th day of January 1775 for William Hairston 89 acres on the water of the Savanah River on Park's branch adjacent to Agnes Gordon, the widow Sharps, Joseph McKinley, and John Buckhamons. - South Carolina Land Plats, Vol. 15, page 248. FSL #8195659 image 716.5,6

Grant* William Hairston obtained Royal Land Grant #347 on 28th July 1775, for the 89 acres surveyed above. - Land Grant Vol. 37, page 347 - FSL #7856740 image 795.
Grant A South Carolina Memorial for 89 acres in Granville county was granted on 14 November 1775 for the 89 acres that was surveyed on 17 April 1775. - Memorial Book 2 page 451. FSL #8621903 image 891.
Military*William Harristane - he signed as William Hairston - Revoluntionary War- served under Col. Anderson from 1777 to 1783. A.A.3226; O663 - page 400

William Hairston is recognized as a Patriot by the DAR (National Society Daughters of the American Revolution.)7,8 
Court Record1778 - 1779 - William Hairston and his brother John Hairston are on "A List of Petit-Jurymen and Jury Men in Civil Causes" for the Ninety-Six District. Miscellaneous Act No. 1123 - The Determination of Jury Lists for District Ninety-Six, page 85.2 
Court Record*William Hairston is listed on "A List of Petit-Jurymen and Jury Men in Civil Causes" in Long Cane and Places Adjacent, Ninety-Six District, South Carolina - 1778-1779.2 
Probate*His estate was probated on 7 October 1782 in Abbeville, South Carolina; On October 7, 1782, William Hairston provides a citation on the Estate of Thomas Hairston, late of 96 District, deceased, intestate, as next of kin. Robert Maxwell and John McCord were securities. Recorded on page 50, of Book B. Abbeville County, South Carolina.9,10 
ProbateWilliam HAIRSTON was the administrator of Thomas HAIRSTON's estate on 20 November 1782 in Abbeville, South Carolina; "Est. admnt. Nov. 20, 1782 by Wm. Hairston, Jno. McCord, Robt. Maxwell bound to Jno. Ewing Calhoun Ord. 96 Dist. sum 14,000 lbs. Wm. Hairston next kin. Inv. made Dec. 10, 1782 by Jno. Irwing, Jno. Calhoun, Saml. McMurtey." - Abbeville Probate Records Box 46, Package 1044. FSL #4752798 image 103.11
County Name1785 - Abbeville County formed from Ninety-Six District. 
PropertyWilliam Hairstane as a Citizen - 308 acres of land situate above the line on NE fork of Twenty Six Mile Creek bounding SE on James Cannons land, all the other sides on land said out & vacant land when surveyed by Thomas Lofton D.S. on 10th of September 1785 - platt thereof recorded this 15th of November 1785. (land is now in Abbeville County).5

SurveyWilliam HAIRSTON was an adjacent landowner of John HAIRSTON on 5 June 1789 in Ninety-Six, South Carolina; On 5 June 1789, John Hairston acquires 405 acres in the Ninety-Six District adjacent to Peter Hairston and William Hairston. - FSL #8686970.

Census 1790*William HAIRSTON appeared on the census of 1790 in Abbeville, South Carolina, William Hearston, Males: under 16 3, 16+ 2, Females: 3. On same census image as Peter Hearston and James Hearston. - FSL #5157144 image 277.12
Court RecordOn 26 March 1795 in Abbeville he helped make an inventory of the William Adams estate along with Peter Hairston, Simeon Williams, Capt. John Irwin and Reuben Shotwell. William Hairston appraised the estate of Mary Cain as noted on her will recorded 27 March 1798 in the Abbeville Courthouse.11 
Census 1800*He appeared on the census of 1800 in Abbeville, South Carolina, Males 16-25 2, 45+ 1, Females 10-15 1, 45+ 1. (appears that William, Thomas and Agnes are still living with their parents.)1
SurveyOn 17 August 1806, John Bostick has a survey for 63 acres on branches of Toms creek in the richland District, adjacent to land owned by William Hairston. - South Carolina Archives S213192 V39 page 439.5
Will*He left a will on 18 March 1808 in Abbeville, South Carolina, People mentioned: children Peter, James, John, William, Thomas, Jane Brown and Agness Martin. Executors are James Lomax Sr. and John Brannan. - FSL #4752968, image 211.3
Death*He died about April 1808 in Abbeville, South Carolina.11 
Probate*His estate was probated on 9 April 1808 in Abbeville, South Carolina. Abbeville Probate Records Box 46 Package 1045. FSL #4752798 image 108.11
ProbateA list of personal property sold of William Hairston, dated 4 May 1808, was given to court. It listed the items sold, buyer's name and sale price. Inventory was made by John Hairston, Archibald Douglas and William Bell. Buyers listed in probate included: William's wife Ann, John Hairston, Peter Hairston Jr., William Hairston, Jr., Hugh B. Hairston, James Lomax and James R. Hairston. Also Benjamin Adams, Henry ? , William Russel, Aaron Snodin, Foster Leachman, Joseph Doneny, Amos Spiller, John Russel, Nancy Pane, John Walls, William Young, John Walls, William Turnblen and Charles Walls. Sale was signed by James Lomax Jr, clerk.
NOTE*GENEALOGY NOTE: Who were his parents and where was he born? William Hairston named James Lomax executor in his will. James Lomax was born in Rockingham, NC about 1755 and moved to Abbeville, South Carolina about 1779. I have found several documents that spell William's surname as HARRISTANE. 


Ann S. (surname unknown) b. a 1746

Sources (www.HAIRSTON.org)

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