James Robert HAIRSTON

HAIRSTON.org ID#866, b. 2 March 1766, d. about December 1833
Father*William HAIRSTON1 b. a 1744, d. a Apr 1808
Mother*Ann S. (surname unknown) b. a 1746
Marriage*James Robert HAIRSTON married Jane GRAY.2 
Birth*James Robert HAIRSTON was born on 2 March 1766 in Granville, South Carolina.3 
He was the son of William HAIRSTON and Ann S. (surname unknown).1 

James filed a Revolutionary Pension application dated 27 March 1833, as follows;

"On this day 23 March 1833 - Personally appeared in open court. His Honor Josiah J. Evans, one of the judges of court of common please now sitting, James Hairston, a resident of Laurens District and said state afore said, age nearly 68 years being born in Ninety Six District, South Carolina as well as he remembers from seeing the family records, about the 2 March 1766 and being first duly sworn, according to Law do thee an oath make the following declaration in order to obtain the benefits of the Act of Congress passed June 7th 1832.
He entered the service of the United States as a volunteer in the fall of 1781 as part of an attachment to guard Wagons sent to haul corn to Colonel Andrew Pickens Block House under the command of Captain John Calhoun. This term of service continued for 10 days.
Near the end of the year 1781 he served 12 days, as near as he remembers, under Lieutenant Arthur Grayson [?]. He is confident the last arm of service could not have been less than 12 days and he was engaged at this time also in protecting a number of Wagons in hauling corn at the aforesaid Block House.
In the commencement of the year 1782 he served a tour under the command of Captain John Wilson. His term of service continued a period of two months during which he was Housed [?] at the aforesaid Block House situated at Colonel Reid's Mills on Long Cane Creek to prevent the Tories and British from destroying the Mills, which were of much importance to the Country. About the First of March he was detached with a company of men under the command of Captain Jno Williams against the Indians and Tories, the former in company with the latter, having committed some degradation in the Whig settlement. This expedition against the Indians and Tories continued eight or nine days.
Near the end of April or the first of May 1782 he was engaged under the command of Captain Theophilies Norwood [Captain William Genguer ?] for seven or eight days in an almost unremitted pursuit of William Cunningham who had committed about this time some outrages amongst the inhabitants of Ninety Six District.
In July 1782 he served a term of three months under the command of Captain John Ervin - Colonel Pickens in command. During this period of his service - he was engaged in pursing the British who were retreating from the interior of South Carolina towards Charleston. He is perfectly confident that he served at least six months. He left the service in Oct. 1782.
The whole of his service was within the limits of the State of South Carolina - except one expedition against the Indians, afore mentioned under the command of Captain Jno Wilson Williams ?J. He did not serve in Company - with any Continental regiment or companies.
He does not know of any documentary evidence that would be of any service to him.
He knows of no person except Samuel Matthews who can testify as to his service and make[ affidavit that he served a tour of 3 months with applicant in 1782 under the command of Captain Jno. Ervin."
PDF copies attached here.3
County Name*Abbeville County formed from Ninety-Six District - 1785. 
Census 1790*James Robert HAIRSTON appeared on the census of 1790 in Abbeville, South Carolina, James Hearston: Males over 16 1, Females 4. - FSL #5157144 image 277.4
Census 1800*He appeared on the census of 1800 in Abbeville, South Carolina, Males <10 3, 26-44 1, Females <10 1, 10-15 2, 26-44 1.5
WillIn William HAIRSTON's will dated 18 March 1808 in Abbeville, South Carolina, James Robert HAIRSTON was named as an heir; People mentioned: children Peter, James, John, William, Thomas, Jane Brown and Agness Martin. Executors are James Lomax Sr. and John Brannan. - FSL #4752968, image 211.1
ProbateHe was a buyer of property from the estate of William HAIRSTON on 4 May 1808 in Abbeville, South Carolina; A list of personal property sold of William Hairston, dated 4 May 1808, was given to court. It listed the items sold, buyer's name and sale price. Inventory was made by John Hairston, Archibald Douglas and William Bell. Buyers listed in probate included: William's wife Ann, John Hairston, Peter Hairston Jr., William Hairston, Jr., Hugh B. Hairston, James Lomax and James R. Hairston. Also Benjamin Adams, Henry ? , William Russel, Aaron Snodin, Foster Leachman, Joseph Doneny, Amos Spiller, John Russel, Nancy Pane, John Walls, William Young, John Walls, William Turnblen and Charles Walls. Sale was signed by James Lomax Jr, clerk.
Census 1810*James Robert HAIRSTON appeared on the census of 1810 in Abbeville, South Carolina, James Hariston - Male <10 2, 10-15 3, 26-44 1, Females 16-25 3, 45+ 2, Slaves 1. Neighbors were Brown Herston, Nathaniel Rowland, Sarah Roland and Samuel Moseley. - FSL #4185992 image 47.6

ProbateHe was a buyer of property from the estate of Joseph FRITH between 1817 and 1827; Inventory & Appraisment Estate of Joseph Frith Decd., 34-737, Record Book No. 4, pages 384 - 13 June 1817, Abbeville County, South Carolina.

Some of the buyers were James Hearston Sr., Archibald Frith, James Lomax Jr. and William Lomax.7 
Census 1820*James Robert HAIRSTON appeared on the census of 1820 in Abbeville, South Carolina, James Hariston - Males <10 1, 10-15 1, 16-18 1, 16-25 2, 45+ 1, Females 16-25 1, 26-44 1, 45+ 1
Neighbors: William P. McCord, Mary McCord and John McCord (younger).
FSL #4433159 image 20.8
Will*He left a will on 5 July 1827 in Abbeville, South Carolina, Mentions his wife Jane, but no children are mentioned. John J. Kellar is an executor. He is the husband of Cynthia Lomax, the daughter of George Lomax, a witness. - Abbeville Will Book 2, page 343. FSL #4752968, image 197.2,9
Census 1830*He appeared on the census of 1830 in Laurens, South Carolina, James Hairston - Males: 15-20 1, 60-70 1, Females: 15-20 1, 60-70 1.

Year: 1830; Census Place: Laurens, South Carolina; Series: M19; Roll: 169; Page: 215; Family History Library Film: 0022503.10
Death*He died about December 1833 in South Carolina.3,9 
Probate*His estate was probated on 2 January 1834 in Abbeville, South Carolina; "Will dated July 5, 1827 in Abbeville Dist. Proved Jan. 2, 1834. Exrs: Wife, Janes Hairston, Jno. Keller. Wit: G. Lomax, B. Johnson, S. Williams, Inv. made Jan. 24, 1835 by W.B. Arnold, Jesse C. Beasley, B. Johnson." (Box 48, Pack 1107) FSL #7705240 image 150
John B. Hairston signed a "Power of Attorney" to authorize an attorney to obtain the pension.2,9
NOTE*GENEALOGY NOTES: One of the probate letters states that Jane Hairston did not have any children and that she may have had a brother in Texas. Jane Hairston mentions her nephew James Wesley Johnson in her will. However, a witness in the probate court documents states that Jane is the aunt of Tolivar Johnson (1813-1890). Another witness states Jane's only relatives were nephews & nieces - the Johnsons - Tolivar, Ben & Tidence and some nieces of same name and the children of her deceased brothers Gray."

Another letter has a list of Jane Hairston's next of kin: - (It is very hard to read.) states - "Next of kin of Jane Hairston dec'd. - Children of John Gray dec'd. George - Children of James Gray dec'd. George, Allen Gray, James Gray, William Gray, Johnson Gray, Polly Ann Thompson husband not known, Rachel Williams husband name not known, not whether living. - ____ Gray or his children
Andrew Gray Texas - Children of Elizabeth Johnson ____ , Tolivar Johnson, Thomas Johnson, B_____ Johnson, Anna Whit husband not known nor whether living, Rachel Martin husband name not known. ______"

The following from census records, wills, etc.: - Children of John Gray and his wife Elizabeth are son William A. Gray and grandson A. G. Boyd. Children of James Gray - sons George, William and James, daughters Anne Beatty and Margaret Gilmore, grandchildren Elizabeth Gray, William Gray, Mary Gray, Margaret Gray, Sarah Gray, James Beatty and Thomas Beatty. Child of Tolivar Johnson (1813-1890) and wife Jane J. (1820-1880) was son James Wesley Johnson (1844-1862) - all born in South Carolina.

Putting the above information together produces the following: - Jane Hairston's maiden name was Gray. She had a sister named Elizabeth Gray that married a Mr. Johnson and their children were Tolivar, Thomas, B_____, Anna and Rachel. Jane also had brothers named John Gray, James Gray and Andrew Gray.


Jane GRAY b. a 1790, d. 14 Oct 1853

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