John MCCORD ID#6740, b. 25 November 1738, d. 15 November 1806
Father*Johannes "John" MCCORD1,2 b. 1685, d. a 2 Mar 1764
Mother*Isabell (surname unknown)2 b. 1698
Birth*John MCCORD was born on 25 November 1738 in Virginia. One source gives birth date as 5 September 1738 and born in Pennsylvania.3,4,2 
He was the son of Johannes "John" MCCORD and Isabell (surname unknown).1,2 
WillIn Joseph MCCORD's will dated 25 November 1762 in Augusta, Virginia, John MCCORD was named as executor; Mentions wife (not named), children (not named) and brother John McCord. His wife Mary is mentioned probate records. - Augusta Deed Book 3, page 216. FSL #7643867 image 140.
Tax Rolls*John McCord is on the list of tithes for Bedford County in 1 August 1763. Page 73.5 
WillHe was mentioned in the will of Johannes "John" MCCORD on 2 March 1764 in Moremans River, Albemarle, Virginia; On March 2, 1764, John McCord Senior, of Moremans River, left a will. He mentions his wife (without her name), sons John, Benjamin and William. He also mentions Christopher Harris. - Albemarle Will Book 2, pages 158-159. FSL #7643846, image 89.1,6
Grant* On July 26, 1765, John McCord obtained a patent for 98 acres in Albemarle County on the north side of Buck's Elbow, page 832.7
Grant On July 10, 1766, Mosias Jones obtained a Virginia Patent for 90 acres in Albemarle County next to John McCord Seniors line and next to Agnes McCord's line (John's sister).7
DeedOn 15 January 1774, John McCord purchases 50 acres of land in Bedford County from Robert Irvin. - Bedford Deed Book 5, Page 183. Family Search Library Film #7842541, image 123.8
Deed*On 26 February 1774, John McCord and Agnes McCord of Bedford County deed 25 acres to Charles Gosnell. John McCord obtained the land from Robert Irvin, who obtained it from Robert Shiply. The deed is signed by John McCord and Agnes McCord. It is witnessed by John Irvine and John Rodgers. - Bedford County, Virginia Deed Book 5, page 186. Family Search Library Film #7542541, image 124.8
Church Record*John McCord, Samuel McCord and William McCord sign the Petition of Baptists to stop persecustion of Baptists by the established Church of England. Baptist and non Baptist residents of Virginia signed this document. The above McCords signed a petition that was sent from Albemarle and Amherst counties. 
Residence*John McCord moved to Abbeville County, South Carolina.2 
DeedOn 18 February1778, John McCord sold to Charles Cobb 25 acres in Bedford County. Witnessed by Richard Stith, Abraham Irin, John Callaway and Wm. Read. - Bedford County Deed Book 7, page 6. Family Search Library Film #7842541, image 336.
Court Record*John McCord is listed on "A List of Petit-Jurymen and Jury Men in Civil Causes" in Long Cane and Places Adjacent, Ninety-Six District, South Carolina - 1778-1779.9 
Census 1800*John MCCORD appeared on the census of 1800 in Abbeville, South Carolina, John McCord Sen. - Males 26-44 2, 45+ 1, Females 10-15 1, 16-25 1, 45+ 1.10 
Will*He left a will on 30 October 1806 in Abbeville, South Carolina. His will mentions: sons John, James, William, Robert and Joseph; daughters Margaret McCord, Eleanor McCord, Agnes W. Farlin, Elizabeth McCord and Isabell McCrakin; grandson William Stuart McCord. Witnesses are John Hairston, Josiah Chambers and Andrew Paul.11,12 
Death*He died on 15 November 1806 at age 67.4 
Burial*He was buried in Upper Long Cane Cemetery, Abbeville, South Carolina.4 
Probate*His estate was probated on 25 November 1806 in Abbeville, South Carolina.11 



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