Mathew HAIRSTANES ID#3041, b. 16 December 1689
Father*Mathew HAIRSTANES of Craigs1 b. 22 Apr 1624, d. 7 May 1698
Mother*Mary DOUGLAS
Birth*Mathew HAIRSTANES was born on 16 December 1689 in Dumfries, Scotland.1 
He was the son of Mathew HAIRSTANES of Craigs and Mary DOUGLAS.1 
Anecdote*"brother to William Hairstanes, Laird of Craig;; named as father of Agnes Rayning's child; compeared & denies fatherhood; names as father of Mary Miller's child; went to England" Dumfries Kirk Sessions, CH2/537/1. 
NOTE*Mathew Hairstanes was captured with Lord Nithsdale and about a 1,000 rebels in the '15 Rising that ended in Presteon, England.2 
Occupation*Mathew HAIRSTANES worked with John Drummond, Director of East India Company, along with Robert Douglas, John Mackenzie, and Dr. Littlejohn in trading with India. In 1726 Matthew Hairstanes and John Stackhouse were sent to Fort St. George in Madras, India (now called Chennai), to meet with Governor Thomas Pitt.3,4 



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