John HAIRSTANES Laird of Craigs ID#2183, d. between 13 January 1670 and 19 March 1670
Mother*Janet BATTIE1
John HAIRSTANES Laird of Craigs was the son of John HAIRSTANES and Janet BATTIE.1 
Marriage*John HAIRSTANES Laird of Craigs married Agnes GLEDSTANES, daughter of John GLEDSTANES and Agnes MAXWELL, on 1 January 1622 in Dumfriesshire, Scotland.1,2 
Property"Mathew's three daugthers may have predeceased him, for his nephew, John Hairstanes, recieved a charter of Craigs from him...." page 130.1 
Occupation*John HAIRSTANES Laird of Craigs was Burgess of Dumfries in 1629 in Dumfriesshire, Scotland.1,3 
Anecdote*"....the Lords ordains James Maxuell, Johne Hairstanes and Johne Geddes, baliies of Dumfries...." from "The Register of the Privy Council of Scotland". Listed as burge of Dumfries in 1644 Records of Parliament. John Hairstanes of Craigs was made a Sheriff of Dumfries in 1648.4,5 
Marriage*He married Agnes DOUGLAS, daughter of Alexander DOUGLAS of Batfoord, on 6 August 1659, "(Part) Marriage Contract between John Hairstoune (Hairstanes), younger of Craigis [Craigs], and Agnes Douglas, daughter of Alexander Douglas of Caifurd, WS." GD77/174/9.1,2,6,7,8 
Property*"HAIRSTANES - Agnes Douglas, spouse of John, apparent of Craigs. 15 Sept 1659, Vol. 7, Fol. 167, Dumfries, Kurkcudbrigt."9 
Property*"John Hairstanes, elder, of Craig, has sasine of ane parte of land of Kirkconnel, called the land of Overachinfad."3 
NOTE*"charter granted by the deceist King Charles the second, of blessed memory, in favors of the deceist John Hairstaines, grandfather of the said William Hairstaines, therein designed younger of Craigs, dated the twenty fourth day of February, one thousand, six hundreth and sixty five....5" 
Death*John HAIRSTANES Laird of Craigs died between 13 January 1670 and 19 March 1670 in Dumfries, Scotland. On 13 January 1670, prior to his death, "General disposition and bond of provision by John Hairstanes of Craiges in favour of Agnes Douglas, his spouse." GD219/166 and on 19 March 1670 "Testament of John Hairstanes of Craiges." GD219/167 and.10,8 
Probate*His estate was probated on 5 January 1686....Matheus Harstanes de craigs, haeres Joannis Harstanes de Craigs, patris, --in 10 libratis terrarum de Over Kelwood, infra parochiam de Dumfries;---terris de Neather Kelwood infra parochiam praedictum;--terris de Bourlands, in parochia de Carlaverock.--A. E. 20l. N. E. 60l. xxxix. 93.11 
ProbateHis estate was probated on 5 March 1688; Hairstanes, John, younger, of Craigs 05 Mar 1688 - Register of Testaments, 1624-1800.12 

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