Col. George "Old Rusty" HAIRSTON Jr. ID#39, b. 27 November 1784, d. 13 October 1863
Father*Gen. George Stovall HAIRSTON1 b. 20 Sep 1750, d. 5 Mar 1827
Mother*Elizabeth PERKINS1 b. 13 May 1759, d. 26 Jan 1819
Birth*Col. George "Old Rusty" HAIRSTON Jr. was born on 27 November 1784 in Marrowbone Plantation, Henry County, Virginia.2,3,4 
He was the son of Gen. George Stovall HAIRSTON and Elizabeth PERKINS.1 
College*He graduated from Princeton University in 1805.5 
Marriage*Col. George "Old Rusty" HAIRSTON Jr. married Louisa HARDYMAN, daughter of Littlebury HARDYMAN III and Elizabeth EPPES, on 24 February 1811 in Greenway, Charles City, Virginia, at the home of Governor John Tyler, marriage security John Southall.6,5,7,8,9 
Military*He was a Brigadier General in the War of 1812.5

Census 1820*Col. George "Old Rusty" HAIRSTON Jr. appeared on the census of 1820 in Henry County, Virginia, Males <10 3 (John 9, George 7, Nicholas 3), 26-44 1 (George 36), Females <10 2 (Elizabeth 5, Susan2), 16-25 1 (unknown), 25-44 1 (wife - Louisa 33), Slaves 65.10
WillIn Gen. George Stovall HAIRSTON's will dated 7 March 1820 in Henry County, Virginia, Col. George "Old Rusty" HAIRSTON Jr. was named as an heir.11 
Census 1830*He appeared on the census of 1830 in Henry County, Virginia, Males <5 1 (Samuel William), 5-9 1 (Robert Henry), 10-14 1 (Nicholas Hardyman), 15-19 1 (George Stovall), 30-39 1 (unknown), 40-49 1 (George), Females 5-9 1 (Louisa Hardyman), 10-14 1 (Susan Maria), 15-19 1 (Elizabeth), 30-39 1 (unknown), 40-49 1 (wife - Louisa), Slaves 138.12
Property*In 1836, George and Louisa left Marrowbone and built Hordsville.3,13 
PropertyGeorge donated land for the construction of the First Methodist Episcopal Church south of Martinsville, in 1838.13 
Census 1850*He appeared on the census of 16 October 1850 in Henry County, Virginia, his daughter Susan Hairston Martin and family are living with him.14

Photo*In 1858 a portrait of George Hairston II was painted by James Westhall Ford. The National Society of Colonial Dames of America in Tennessee has a copy of the portrait on the following website: 
Census 1860*He appeared on the census of 1860 in Henry County, Virginia, Geo 75, Robt 36, Mary 5 (Robert's daughter), Bettie 2 (Robert's daughter), Thomas Pugh 57.4

PropertyOwned G. H. Iron Works and Union Furnace Iron Works, which would later become Fairystone Park in Patrick County, Virginia.3 
Death*He died on 13 October 1863 in Hordsville, Henry County, Virginia, at age 78.2 
Burial*He was buried in Hordsville Plantation Cemetery, Henry County, Virginia;

Photo: by Robert E. Hairston, Jr., 1990.2 

When the War of 1812 came on, Col. George Hairston was an old but being full pluck and in mind and uody, he raised a Company of mountain cavalry and at once entered the field and fought until the close of the War in 1815. His friends insisted that he was too old active ser vice; that he had already done enough to remand him to pri­vate life with the gratitude and good will of his countrymen. But the old gentleman thought differently and in one of his curious letters to a friend who had insisted on his retirement, he wrote, "I was never young enough provoke or desire a fight with individual or nation, but can never grow too old to fight it out when once begun."

Among the many anecdotes related about the old Colonel, is that when he first entered the service during the Revolu­tionary War, appeared Yorktown with rifle on his shoulder and offered himself for duty, he was not very well versed in the rules and tactics of war. After examination, he was ordered by the Commanding officer to "file left." He misunderstood this command and hotly replied, "File hell! I did not come here to file, I came here to fight!"

Col. Hairston lived to. a very old age and was the largest land and slave owner ever in the State. At one time his landed estates were estimated at 238,795 acres of the soil of the State and at his death, his negro slaves numbered 2,960.

Col. Hairston had twelve children, ten sons and two daughters, and to each of them as they married, he gave an estate in land and negroes valued at about $500,000. Nearly all of them used their fortunes to advantage, and many of their immediate descendants enjoy them to this day. His youngest and last surviving son, Marshall Hairston, died some years ago, leaving an estate worth $700,000.

During the latter part of the eighteenth century, CoL Hairston built his home at Beaver plantation (about three miles north of the Courthouse) and here he and his wife, Elizabeth Perkins Letcher Hairston, are buried.

Beaver Creek, is now the home of Mrs. James E. Covington, a direct descendant, who has restored the old place to its former beauty and dignity.

The above is from "The Hairston and Penns and Their Relations", by Elizabeth Seawell Hairston, 1939.6 


Louisa HARDYMAN b. 25 Dec 1787, d. 23 Oct 1847
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