George William HAIRSTON ID#2218, b. 5 October 1857, d. 2 December 1941
Father*Dr. Peter Constantine HAIRSTON1,2,3,4 b. 9 Jun 1823, d. 7 May 1889
Mother*Wortley Virginia MOSELEY5 b. 25 Oct 1831, d. 11 Feb 1902
Birth*George William HAIRSTON was born on 5 October 1857 in Lowndes County, Mississippi.3,6,2,4

He was the son of Dr. Peter Constantine HAIRSTON and Wortley Virginia MOSELEY.1,2,3,4,5 
Census 1860George William HAIRSTON appeared on the 1860 census of Dr. Peter Constantine HAIRSTON on 20 July 1860 in Lowndes County, Mississippi.7

Census 1870George William HAIRSTON appeared on the 1870 census of Dr. Peter Constantine HAIRSTON on 16 June 1870 in Lowndes County, Mississippi.1

Patent/Warrant On 10 September 1879, Dabney L. Ervin filed a patent for a new and inmproved stove and was given Patent Number 225,812 on 23 March 1880. Coppy attached -->
Marriage*George William HAIRSTON married Mary Watt HAIRSTON, daughter of Nicholas Edward HAIRSTON and Kiziah C. "Kizzie" STAPLES, on 7 December 1879 in Lowndes County, Mississippi.8,9
Census 1880George William HAIRSTON appeared on the 1880 census of Nicholas Edward HAIRSTON on 10 June 1880 in District 4, Lowndes County, Mississippi; N. E. Harston widower 56 born in VA, B. W. dau. 17 born in MS, G.W. son-in-law 22 born in MS, M.W. dau. 22 born in MS.10 
Census 1880George William HAIRSTON appeared on the 1880 census of Dr. Peter Constantine HAIRSTON on 23 June 1880 in Lowndes County, Mississippi.10

Death SpouseHis wife, Mary Watt Hairston, died on 13 January 1882. 
BiographyGeorge William HAIRSTON was mentioned the BIOGRAPHY of Hardin HAIRSTON on 21 June 1884; From the "Historical Sketch of the Bethel Presbyterian Church, Lowndes County, Miss - June 21, 1884 -

"Mr. Hardin Hairston, one of the early immigrants who came from Virginia, and who left a large number of descendants, living within the bounds of this congregation, looked to the ministers of this Church for counsel and instruction in divine things; and while I was your Minister, it was my privilege to preach the gospel at his house by his request, when he was disabled by physical infirmity from attending the services at the Church. His mind was, then, turned toward the interests of eternity. It pleased the Lord, of His sovereign grace, to enlighten him in the saving knowledge of the gospel, so that he was priviledged to confess Christ before men, ere he should depart. He united with this Church, Oct 12, 1862, and died on the 23rd of the same month. His son, Dr. P. C. Hairston was received on examination, Dec. 1, 1879, and is now one of your Elders. Mrs. Wortley V. Hairston, the wife of Dr. Hairston, was a member of the Wahalak Church in Kemper County, where her father John T. Moseley resided, but after her marriage, she transferred her membership to this Church, November 27, 1852. Their daughter, Mrs. Sallie S. Ervin, professed her faith in Christ, Sept. 30, 1871, but has transferred her membership elsewhere. In 1859, while I was the Minister, the Lord graciously brought into his kingdom the three daughters of Col. Sam'l Hairston, who had died before I came here, and of his widow, Mrs. Elizabeth Hairston, who had then recently deceased, thus leaving them double orphans, viz: Miss Sally Alice Hairston, now the wife of Rev. A. H. Barkley, Miss Sam Henry Elizabeth Hairston, and Miss Mary Theodosia Hairston, who continued their connection until 1873, when they transferred it to Crawford Church. Mrs. K. C. Hairston, wife of N. E. Hairston was admitted on examination, Oct 14, 1864 and was removed by death Oct 1st, 1875. Her daughter Mrs. Mary Watt Hairston, wife of George W. Hairston, professed her faith in Christ, Oct 3, 1880, and in the bloom of her married life was cut down by the fell destroyer, Jan 14, 1882, leaving a little daughter who has since received baptism. Mrs. Mary Ervin Hairston, already mentioned as a daughter of E. A. Ervin, the wife of Hardin M. Hairston, was received on examination, Sept. 30, 1871, and is now of your membership along with her four baptized children."11
Court Record*1885 - Lowndes County Chancery Court Case #670 - George W. Hairston vs Bettie W. Hairston, regarding minor Kizzie S. Hairston and the estate of Kizzie C. Hairston, wife of N. E. Hairston, which included land in Crawford. - Family Search Library Film #8631089, images 587-627. 
Marriage*George William HAIRSTON married Virginia Antoinette "Nettie" ERVIN, daughter of Edwin Alexander ERVIN and Virginia Pou JENNINGS, on 22 January 1885. The attached PDF is a copy of a letter that Nettie wrote to Aunt Sallie Cox (Mrs. John Charles Cox) on January 19, 1885.8
ProbateGeorge William HAIRSTON was the administrator of George HAIRSTON's estate on 6 June 1885 in Lowndes County, Mississippi; George Hairston died without a will. Lowndes County Chancery Court Case #2019. FSL 5815249-244.12
WillIn Nicholas Edward HAIRSTON's will dated 12 June 1888 in Lowndes County, Mississippi, George William HAIRSTON was named as executor; Lowndes County Will Book 1, page 538. Family Search Library Film #5835939, image 395.
Court RecordGeorge H. CALLAWAY; 1888 - George H. Calloway, by next friend (guardian) vs N. E. Hairston, Marshall Hairston, Samuel Hairston, George Hairston, Hardin Hairston, John A. Hairston, Ruth S. Hairston, America Hairston and Mrs. Bethania Pannill. The complaint is that George H. Callaway, who is a lunatic, is claiming he should be an heir to the estate of Robert Hairston (1783-1852). - Lowndes County Chancery Court Case File #782. FSL 8631779-18. 
Death SpouseHis wife, Virginia Antionette Ervin, died on 4 August 1890.13 
WillIn Wortley Virginia MOSELEY's will dated 20 March 1896 in "written signed & published at the family residence Magowah", Lowndes County, Mississippi, George William HAIRSTON was named as an heir; Lowndes County Will Book 2, page 372-378. FSL 5835940-222.14
Marriage*He married Ela May Ledbetter THARP, daughter of Henry B. THARP and Laura Frances LEDBETTER, on 26 October 1898. "Rev. Mr. Lattimer has just returned from holding a protracted meeting at Bethel. On Wednesday at the Methodist church in Crawford he united in marriage Mr. Geo. W. Hairston and Miss Ela May Tharpe, all of Crawford. They are members of old families and their friends crowded the beautifully decorated church to witness the ceremony. They left on the north-bound train for a bridal tour." Macon Beacon, Macon, Mississippi, 29 October 1898, page 2.8 
Census 1900*George William HAIRSTON appeared on the census of 1 June 1900 in Crawford, Lowndes County, Mississippi.15

Death SonHis son, Henry Tharp Hairston, died on 28 August 1906. 
Death SonHis son, Robert Ervin Hairston, died on 12 September 1907. 

The enterprising citizens of Crawford are arranging to establish a bank at that place. It will have a capital of $10,000 and will be knowrn as The Bank of Crawford. "The incorporators and Messrs. G. P. Waller, G. W. Hairston, A. J. Ervin, Jr., W. E. Ervin, Brooks and Ledbetter and N. S. Carr.

Crawford has a splendid country surrounding it and populated by an enterprising and substantial citizenship and there is no reason why the new bank should not make good.

The Columbus Commercial, March 3, 1908, Page 5. 
Death DaughterHis daughter, Kiziah "Kizzie" Staples Hairston Witherspoon, died on 16 October 1909. 
Residence*Crawford home of George William Hairston, Crawford, Mississippi - 1910.

Census 1910*He appeared on the census of 15 April 1910 in Crawford, Lowndes County, Mississippi.16

Photo*He was photographed

in July 1910. 
Census 1920*He appeared on the census of 7 February 1920 in Crawford, Lowndes County, Mississippi.17

Census 1930*He appeared on the census of 29 April 1930 in Crawford, Lowndes County, Mississippi, George W 72, Ela M 56, Brown W 22, John P 17.18

Death DaughterHis daughter, Wortley Moseley Hairston Bachus, died on 27 February 1931. 
Census 1940*He was Head of Household in the 1940 Federal Census on 3 April 1940 in Crawford, Lowndes County, Mississippi. G W Hirston, Ela J, Nick, Virginia. Nick 3/12, Betty Bacchus, Ben Bacchus.19

Death*He died on 2 December 1941 in 7 PM, Crawford, Lowndes County, Mississippi, at age 84.6,4 
Burial*He was buried in Oaklimb Cemetery, Crawford, Lowndes County, Mississippi;

Prominent Crawford Man, 84,
Dies Last Night After Long Illness
Funeral services were held this afternoon at 3 o'clock for George W. Hairston, Sr., 84, a prominent merchant and planter of Crawford who died there last night at 7 o'clock following an extended illness.

He is survived by wife, Mrs. Ela Hairston, seven children, Mrs. W. W. Hartman, Miss Nannie Hairston, Mrs. Ben W. Cottonn, Brown E. Hairston, Nick E. Hairston, George W, Hairston, Jr., and J. Peter Hairston, one brother, J.T.W. Hairston of Columbus.

Grandchildren who survive include Mrs. James S. Tupper, Nashville, Tenn., Mrs. Hunter W. Moorhead, Brooksville, and at Crawford Bob Hairston, George Hairston III, Peter Hairston, Lamar Hairston, Nanette and Alice Evans Hairston, Nick Hairston, Jr., Terry Hume Hairston, Brown C. Hairston, Jr. Betty and Ben Bachus. There are two great grandchildren.

The active pallbearers were J. S. Tupper, L. A Hairston, P. C. Hairston, Jack Cox, Sam Ervin, Chas. Bragg and Hunter W. Moorehead. Honarary pallbearers, C. H. Hudson, Rupert Richards, Jack Ervin, Will Ervin, Jim Robertson, Dr. T. W. Frazier, J. M. Ledbetter, Will Ervin, Frank Phillips, Eugene Hardy, Haley Reeves, Pat Harington, Frank Owen, Ben McLemore and H. P. Hartman. Flower committee, Mrs. L. A. Hairston, Mrs. P. C. Hairston, Mrs. Same Ervin, Mrs. Kate Ervin, Mrs. W. E. Ervin, Mrs. C. C. Hollinshead, Mrs. W. B. Lucas, Mrs. Virginia Bragg, Mrs. Maggie Ledbetter and Miss mattie Smith Carr.

Funeral services were conducted by Rev. T. D. Bateman of the First Presbyterian Church of Columbus at the residence followed by interment at the cemetery in Crawford.

The Commercial Dispatch, Columbus, Mississippi, Wednesday Afternoon, December 3, 1941.

Family 1

Mary Watt HAIRSTON b. 13 May 1858, d. 13 Jan 1882

Family 2

Virginia Antoinette "Nettie" ERVIN b. 23 Jan 1860, d. 4 Aug 1890

Family 3

Ela May Ledbetter THARP b. 27 Oct 1872, d. 30 Aug 1962

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