Michael WOODS

HAIRSTON.org ID#2572, b. about 1684, d. about 1762
Father*John WOODS
Mother*Elizabeth WORSOP
Birth*Michael WOODS was born about 1684 in County Meath, Ireland.1,2,3 
He was the son of John WOODS and Elizabeth WORSOP
Marriage*Michael WOODS married Mary CAMPBELL, daughter of James CAMPBELL and Lady Susan (surname unknown), about 1705.1,2,3,4 
Emigration*Michael Woods and his family emigrated to Pennsylvania from Ireland about 1724. His sister, Elizabeth Woods Wallace and her children traveled with Michael Woods. Elizabeth's husband Peter Wallace had died before the trip.2 
Living* Michael Woods was living in Donegal, Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the years 1725 to 1727.5,2,4 
EmigrationIn 1734 Michael traveled with family and friends the 225 miles from Lancaster, Pennsylvania to Henderson's Quarter near Wood's Gap in Goochland County, Virginia. In 1744 this area became Albemarle County.1,2,6 
Court Record*May 1737, Goochland County (later Albemarle) - ".....gave Michael Wood permission to clear a road from the Blew Ledge or Blue Ridge, sometimes merely the Ledge or Great Mountains, down to Ivy Creek. This road ran from Wood's Gap (now Jarman's) down along the ridge where Crozet now stands, crossing Mechums River near the depot of that name, thence to what must have been the end of the Mountain Road at the place later called D.S. An unusual circumstance surrounding this part of what was to be the later Three Notchíd Road was that it exactly reversed the usual order of settlement and road building in this area, for Michael Wood had come south through the Valley into Virginia from Pennsylvania, moving eastward through the mountains to settle below Woodís Gap on the eastern side. Thus the road came to be built from west to east rather than the more usual east to west direction....."7,8 
Property*Acquired 400 acres in Goochland County "on both sides of Lickinghole Creek a branch of Mechams River." Patents 17, 1735-38, p. 344.9 
Court RecordIn September of 1737, Michael Woods recorded a deed from Charles Hudson in Goochland County.8 
Court RecordFebruary 1738, Michael Woods recorded a deed from him to Charles Hudson in Goochland County.8 
Court RecordIn August 1738, a case was dimissed between Charles Turnbull and Michael Woods.8 
Court RecordJuly 1741, the petition of Michael Woods against Thomas Sewell is continued.8 
Court Record15 September 1741, Goochland County, Virginia, Michael WOODS, On 15 Sep 1741, Peter Hairston, Michael Woods, John Woods, William Wallace and two dozen other residents signed a petition to have a road cleared from Thomas Morrisons to the D.S. tree in Michael Woods road in Goochland County. It is well known that, in 1734, Michael Woods led a group of families from Pennsylvania through the Shenandoah Valley to settle in Virginia. The gap in the Blue Ridge Mountains that Michael Woods led these families through was called "Woods Gap" until the name was changed to "Jarman Gap" in the 1800s. Michael Woods obtained his first patent in Goochland County in June 1737. Michael Woods was a Presbyterian from Ireland and his grandson John Woods would later marry Agnes Anne Hairston, Peter's granddaughter.

"On this petition of James Bell, William Verdeman, William Miller, Peter Hairston, Edward Molloy, Thomas Bell, James Bell Jun., John & Thomas & Hugh Dobbins, Thomas & Charles Hughes, William White, Davis Stockton, Alexander Reid, John Heard, Samuel Bell, William Morrison, John Roberts, David Martin, James Armour, James Robertson, John Fulton, Geo. Powel, John McCord, Saml. Arnett, Richard Stockton, Thomas Stockton, & Hum Dobbins. Leave is given them to clear a road from Thomas Morrisons to the D. S. tree in Michael Woods road. And that the petitioners be exempt from working on any other road." Goochland County Court Order Book 5, page 3.10,11,12
Court Record*Michael Woods acknowledges a deed from himself to John McCord, Sep 1743.11 
County Change*1744 - Albemarle County was formed from part of Goochland County. 
Church Record*On March 29, 1747 in Goochland County, signed a petition to call and invite Rev. Samuel Black to minister to the Ivy Creek Orthodox Reformed Presbyterian Church.
The list of signers also included Peter Hairston.
Rev. Samuel Black (c1700-1770) was from Ireland in 1735 and was a pastor in Donegal, Lancaster, PA. before coming to Virginia.1 
Will*He left a will on 24 November 1761 in Albemarle County, Virginia.1,2,3,13 
Death*He died about 1762 in Virginia.1 
Burial*He was buried in Blair Park Plantation Cemetery, Albemarle County, Virginia.2 
Probate*His estate was probated on 11 June 1762 in County Court, Albemarle County, Virginia.2,3,13 


Mary CAMPBELL b. 2 Jun 1690, d. 18 Dec 1742

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