Peter HAIRSTON ID#399, b. 24 February 1752, d. 1 December 1832
Father*Robert HAIRSTON1,2 b. b 1724, d. b 2 Jun 1791
Mother*Ruth STOVALL b. a 1731, d. 3 Mar 1808
Birth*Peter HAIRSTON was born on 24 February 1752 in Virginia.3,4,5,6,7

He was the son of Robert HAIRSTON and Ruth STOVALL.1,2 
PropertyPeter HAIRSTON witnessed the Property of Lt. Col. Peter Hyde SAUNDERS on 9 June 1770 in Pittsylvania, Virginia; 1770 - Robert Hairston and his sons George and Peter witness a deed between Peter Saunders and Daniel Smith for land in Pittslyvania County, Virginia. All three of the Hairstons signed with their signature. - Pittsylvania Deed Book 1, page 62. FSL #7672664 image 246-247.8 
War*American Revolutionary War - 1775 - 1783. 
MilitaryPeter Herston's Company from Henry County went against the Indians on Holston River in Eastern Tennessee in 1777.9 
MilitaryPeter Hairston was appointed an Ensign in Henry County on 21 Jan 1777. Henry County Virginia Court Order Book 1. FSL #7898572, image 9.10
MilitaryPeter Hairston "....April last, declares he entered service in Henry Co., Va., in the spring of 1777 or 1778 under Capt. Peter Harston and Lieut. William Ferguson. They marched through Botetourt and Washington counties to join other companies under Col. (Evan) Shelby and Col. Christy on the western side of Allegany Mountains. The then went to French Broad in Tennessee where the companies divided in pursuit of the Cherokee Indians. His company marched to the Indian towns called Choto, Chilhowee and Tuckatucky. On their return they met the other troops at Long Island of the Holstun and remained there until Christy's Treaty with the Cherokees was signed."

Capt. Peter Hairston is recognized as a Patriot by the DAR (National Society Daughters of the American Revolution) and the SAR (National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.)11 
MilitaryPeter Harston fought in the Illinois Campaign led by George Rogers Clark and captured several British posts in what is now the states of Illinois and Indiana.12 
DeedPeter HAIRSTON witnessed the Property of George ROWLAND on 25 May 1780 in Henry County, Virginia; 1780 Henry County - George Rowland purchases 300 acres on the north side of Marrowbone Creek for 2,000 pounds from Thomas and Mary Hamilton (Hambleton) on 25 May 1780. Witnessed by John Barksdill, P. Hairston (399), Samuel Hairston (401) and Michael Rowland (1010). - Henry County Deed Book 2, p. 71. FSL #7898570 image 250. 
Military*July 1780 Henry County, Virginia, - Peter Hairston was appointed a Captain in the Henry County, Virginia Militia.9 
Court RecordDuring the war, Capt. Peter Hairston was furnished beef for his soldiers on the march from Chesterfield county on 3 October 1780. Henry County Court Books, 25 April 1783, page 7a. FSL 7862504-524, 527, 533.
DeedPeter HAIRSTON witnessed the Property of Gen. George Stovall HAIRSTON on 11 December 1780 in Henry County, Virginia; On 11 December 1780, John Marr and Thomas Bedford sold 260 acres on Smith's River, called the Horse Shoe, to George Hairston 30,000 pounds current money of Virginia. Witnessed by Peter Hairston, Mordecai Horde and Christopher Owens. - Henry County Deed Book 2, p. 115-116. FSL #7898570 image 272.
Tax Rolls*1782 - Peter Hairston was listed on the property tax rolls of Henry County, paying 1 pound 18 shillings.13 
Elected*"1782, Jan'y -- Robert Hairston produced a commission from his Excellency Thomas Nelson, Jr., appointing him Sheriff of this county, and took the oath, and George Hairston, Peter Hairston & Samuel Hairston qualified as his under sheriffs." Stokes County.14 
WillIn Samuel HAIRSTON's will dated 9 February 1782 in Campbell County, Virginia, Peter HAIRSTON was named as an heir.2
Marriage*He married Alcey (Elsie) PERKINS, daughter of Peter PERKINS and Agnes WILSON, on 23 April 1782.3,4,7 
Tax Rolls1783 - George Hairston is listed as a tax payer in Henry County, Virginia. Slaves were George, Baruck, Dick, Cuffey, Pompey, James, Harry, Jerky, Fanny, Tillow, Pinds, Amy, Will, Ben, Sam, Kuffey, James, Julius, Phill, Delph, Dids, Poll, Easter, Nan, John and Doll. - FSL #7849140 image 51. 
Census*Peter HAIRSTON appeared on the census of between 1784 and 1787 in Surry County, North Carolina; Peter Harston, Male 21-60 1, under 21 & above 60 1, Females 2.15 
DeedPeter Hairston purchases 182 acres of land from Amos Ladd and his wife Mary Ann in Surry County, North Carolina on 16 February 1785. Surry County, NC Deed Book c, page 201-202. FSL 7538681-326.
DeedThe Estate of Samuel Hairston sells to Peter Hairston and Samuel Hairston of Henry County two properties in Campbell County on Beaver Creek of 310 acres and 550 acres. Campbell County Virginia Deeds, page 50. 
Residence*Peter Hairston moved to Upper Saura Town, Stokes County, North Carolina in April 1786.7 
DeedPeter Perkins of Guilford County, North Carolina sells to Peter Hairston of Henry County, Virginia 333 acres in Surry County, North Carolina on 5 July 1786. Witnesses where Lemuel Smith, Thomas Gray and Constant Perkins. Surry County Deed Book D, page 27-28. FSL #7519395, image 19-20.
DeedJames Thompson sells to Peter Hairston 250 acres in Surry County, North Carolina on 4 July 1787. Surry County Deed Book D, page 28-29. FSL #7519395, image 20.
DeedEdmond Peters of Surry County sells to Peter Hairston of Surry County, 200 acres of land in Surry County on 9 November 1787. Surry County Deed Book D, page 30. FSL #7159395, image 21.
Court RecordA deed from Peter Hairston to James Robertson proved by witnesses. Michael Rowland, William Rentfro, John Rentfro and Moses Greer are also mentioned on same page. Franklin County Court Order Book 1786-1789, page 192. FSL #7898091, image 208.
Deed*On 21 February 1788, Peter hairston purchased 197 acres in Rockingham County from Isham and Frances Rice. - Deed Book B, page 13. FSL 7517696 image 166.
DeedJames Dunlap Sr. of Surry County sells to Peter Hairston of Surry County, 150 acres of land in Surry County, 4 April 1788. Surry County Deed Book D, page 33-34. FSL #7519395, image 22-23.
County Name*1789 - Stokes County from Surry County, North Carolina. 
Court Record*John Burch Sr. vs Peter Hairston - Chancery Court Case concerning tobacco sale in 1784. Individuals mentioned were Patrick Henry Esq., John Phillips, Col. William Tunstall, Mr. Francis Cox, William Shackelford, Thomas Adams Jr., David Lanier, Moses Wilson. Copy attached.
WillIn Robert HAIRSTON's will dated 26 May 1790 in Franklin County, Virginia, Peter HAIRSTON was named as an heir; Robert's daughter Sarah "Sally" Hairston died before his will was written.1,16
Census 1790*He appeared on the census of 2 August 1790 in Stokes County, North Carolina, Males: under 16 1, 16+ 3, Females: 3 , slaves 58.17
Tax Rolls1793 - Peter Hairston pays 1 free poll and 35 black polls. Capt. John Morgains District, Stokes County. Capt. Morgains has P. Hairston sign below his name on tax return. - FSL #7761992 image 141.
Tax Rolls1799 - Peter Harston pays 1 taxes for 1 lot is Germantown. - FSL #7761992 image 313.
Tax Rolls1800 - Peter Harston pays taxes of 1 white poll, 55 black polls, 6,068 acres of land and 1/2 acre lot in Germantown. Capt. Bostick District. - FSL #7761992 image 401.
Court Record1800 - Henry County Chancery Causes #1800-004, John Smith vs Peter Hairston relating to a bond for Michael Rowland.18 
Census 1800*He appeared on the census of 4 August 1800 in Salisbury, Stokes County, North Carolina, Males 26-44 1, Females 10-15 1 , 26-44 1, slaves 103.5
Deed*On October 1, 1801, Peter Hairston, his wife Alcey, Samuel Hairston and his wife Judith, sold 310 acres on Beaver Creek for 600 pounds Virginia money to Luckville King. - Franklin County District Court Deed Book 1, page 327-329 + 336-337. FSL #7898087, images 189-190 + 194.
Census 1810*He appeared on the census of 6 August 1810 in Sauratown District, Stokes County, North Carolina, Males 45+ 1, Females 45+ 1, slaves 130.19
WillIn Peter PERKINS's will dated 26 January 1813 in Williamson County, Tennessee, Peter HAIRSTON was named as an heir; mentions son Nicholas Perkins,"Hendley Stones Children had by my daughter Betsy", grand daughters Agnes Stone, Polly Stone, Ruth Stone (appears Betsy was deceased), brother Hardin, Peter Hairston of Stokes, NC.. Executors are "Son Nicholas Perkins and my Nephew Nicholas Scales". Witnesses were; Anne P. Scales, Thomas H. P. Scales and John Bostick.20,21 
Death Spouse*His wife, Alcey Perkins, died in 1814. 
Census 1820*He appeared on the census of 7 August 1820 in Stokes County, North Carolina, Males 45+ 1 (Peter), Slaves 174.22
Tax Rolls1830 - Samuel, Robert and Peter Hairston (NC) pay taxes in Pittsylvania County. - FSL #8151590, image 510.
Census 1830*He appeared on the census of 1 June 1830 in Stokes County, North Carolina, Males 70-79 1 (Peter), Slaves 293.23

SARSAR Patriot Index Edition III, SAR - Revolutionary War Graves Register, Clovis H. Brakebill, compiler, 672pp. SAR. 1993.24 
Will*He left a will on 20 February 1832 in Stokes County, North Carolina, Will Vol 1-3, pages 241-242. The will was also filed in Henry County, Virginia in December Term of 1832, Will Book 4, page 167. Inventory accounting is also filed in Henry County..25
Death*He died on 1 December 1832 in North Carolina at age 80.6 
Burial*He was buried in Hairston Cemetery, Stokes County, North Carolina;

Photo: Find A Grave by Carolyn Crabtree.6 
Probate*His estate was probated in 1833; Peter Hairston's estate was probated in Stokes County, North Carolina in 1833. His daughter Ruth was executrix of his estate. The records consist of 49 images containing court orders, expenses, etc. The records also contain a list of 677 slaves and their ages located on plantations in Stokes County, NC, Patrick County, VA and Henry County, VA. 
Court RecordOn 6 October 1835, a case was filed in the U.S. Circuit Court of West Tennessee by George Hauston (Hairston), administrator of Peter Hauston deceased against Joel Estis. The case was regarding a loan made between the two parties on 2 April 1828. Final Record Book 10, page 44. FSL 8767994, image 361. 
ProbateOn 11 July 1853, an inventory and appraisel of the estate of Peter Hairston in Pittsylvania County, signed by his daughter Ruth S. Hairston, was recorded in the Henry County Will Book 5, page 351 and 398. FSL 7645135-469 and FSL 7645135-493.


Alcey (Elsie) PERKINS b. 25 Sep 1766, d. 1814
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