Baldwin ROWLAND ID#970, b. about 1759, d. about 1809
Father*Andrew ROWLAND1,2
Mother*Ruth NORMAN b. a 1731
Birth*Baldwin ROWLAND was born about 1759 in Virginia. 
He was the son of Andrew ROWLAND and Ruth NORMAN.1,2 
County NamePittsylvania County formed from Halifax County - 1767. 
County Name*1777 - Henry County formed from Pittsylvania.3 
DeedBaldwin ROWLAND witnessed the deed of John ROWLAND and Gen. George Stovall HAIRSTON on 28 May 1778 in Henry, Virginia; On 28 May 1778 - John and Mary Rowland sell 153 acres on the south side of Smith River to George Hairston. Witnessed by Baldwin Rowland. - Henry County Deed Book 1, p. 186. FSL #7898570 image 114.4
Court Record*March 1779 - John Rowland and Baldwin Rowland were licensed to keep an ordinary (tavern) in Henry County.5 
WillBaldwin ROWLAND witnessed the will of John ROWLAND on 5 July 1780 in Henry, Virginia; His will mentions "my brother Michael Rowland's eldest son William Roland", "my brother George Rowland", "my wife Mary", "to George Rowland Jr. and William Rowland, sons of Gilbert Roland", "two sons of Joshua Bowls dec'd....their mother Sarah Bowls", Garland Akin, "Mary Isham, wife of James Isham" and Philip and Obedience Ryan. Executors were William Tunstall, Haynes Morgan, Peter Saunders and Josiah Carter. Patrick Henry, John Fountain, John Salmon guardians of Garland Akin. Witnessed by Baldwin Rowland, Henry Barksdale and John Salmon - Henry County Will Book 1, p. 37-39. FSL 7898570-29 NOTE: this is not the first time I have seen a father name a son after his brother and the family starts calling him a junior, as in this case George Jr..6,7
Court RecordBaldwin Rowland purchases from William Gardner, a negro man named Lall for three thousand pounds. Witnessed by George Rowland and John Cox. 29 September 1780 in Henry County, Virginia. Also on same date, Baldwin purchased "one negro fellow" from Henson Gardner. Witnessed by John Barksdill and Brice Martin. - See Henry County Deed Book 2, page 106. FSL #7898570 image 267.4 
Court Record*"Baldwin Rowland purchasing commissary at Hospital at Henry C. H. for 2 months & 16 days servioces for himself & one horse & forage for said horse from Feb'y till 5 May 1781."
Henry County records in the clerk office. Virginia Historical Magazine, June, 1903 - Volume X, page 358.8 
Tax Rolls*Baldwin Rowland paid 1 poll tax and had 2 slaves in the 1782 Henry County tax records. - FSL #7849140 image 13.9 
Court RecordBaldwin Rowland and Brice Martin witnessed the sale of land by Thomas Stockton to James Bartlett. - Henry County Deed Book 2, page 208.4 
Marriage*Baldwin ROWLAND married Sarah "Sally" HAIRSTON, daughter of Robert HAIRSTON and Ruth STOVALL, on 8 May 1782 in Henry, Virginia. May 8, 1782 is actually the date of bond. Robert Hairston listed as father of bride and George Rowland is security or witness. - Henry County Register of Marriages, page 5. FSL #7578991 image 127.10,11,12,2
Tax Rolls1783 - Baldwin Rowland is listed as a tax payer in Henry County, Virginia. Slaves were Dick, Jacob, Lall, Cloe and Harry. - FSL #7849140 image 63. 
Tax Rolls1784 - Baldwin Rowland is listed as a tax payer in Henry County, Virginia. Slaves - 4. - FSL #7849140 image 65. 
Court RecordOn 1 April 1784, George Rowland leaves instructions that his trusty friends Baldwin Rowland, Brice Martin and John Cox recover his share of the estate of John Rowland deceased. - Henry County Deed Book 3, page 138. FSL #7898570 image 75.
Tax Rolls1786 - Baldwin Rowland is listed as a tax payer in Henry County, Virginia. Slaves - 3. - FSL #7849140 image 243. 
Court RecordBaldwin Rowland was fined 10 pounds for "behaving contempuously to the court" and put into the stocks for one hour, in Franklin County, Virginia on 3 November 1787. FSL #7898091, image 199.13,14
Death Spouse*His wife, Sarah "Sally" Hairston, died before 26 May 1790 and left him with two young daughters, Elizabeth and Martha.2 
Tax Rolls1791 - Baldwin Rowland is listed as a tax payer in Henry County, Virginia. 2 white, 3 black. - FSL #7849140 image 378. 
Tax Rolls1792 - Baldwin Rowland is listed as a tax payer in Henry County, Virginia. 1 white, 3 black, 7 horses. - FSL #7849140 image 391. 
Tax Rolls1793 - Baldwin Rowland is listed as a tax payer in Henry County, Virginia. 1 white, 2 black, 5 horses. - FSL #7849140 image 405. 
Court RecordBaldwin Rowland vs. William Hunter Sr., the executor of John Goode dec'd, regarding rents and improvements. Henry County Court, Virginia July 1795. Case #1795-005 (Baldwin Rowland and John Rowland signed their names.)15,16
Tax Rolls1803 - Baldwin Rowland Sr. is listed as a tax payer in Henry County, Virginia. 1 white, 1 black, 2 horses. - FSL #7849140 image 530. 
Tax Rolls1806 - Baldwin Rowland paid taxes for 2 white tithes, 1 black tithe, 5 horses in Henry County - FSL 7849140-566. 
Court RecordHezekiah Salmon Sr. vs Baldwin Rowland Sr. in Henry County Court, Virginia 1806. Names listed in case: Elkins, Hairston, Redd, Taylor, Bowldin, Baldwin, Bouldin, Dillen, Dillan, Bailey, Roland, Mills, Cayton, Caton, Cox, Groves, Waller and Pyrtle. Case #1806-005.15,16 
Tax Rolls1807 - Baldwin Rowland is listed as a tax payer in Henry County, Virginia. 1 white, 1 blacks, 4 horses. - FSL #7849140 image 579. 
Death*Baldwin ROWLAND died about 1809. 
Tax Rolls1809 - Baldwin Rowland (deceased) is listed as a tax payer in Henry County, Virginia. 1 white, 6 horses. - FSL #7849140 image 591. 
Probate*An inventory of the estate of Baldwin Rowland dec'd., 20 April 1809, was recorded in Henry County Virginia Will Book 2, pages 181-182. FSL 7645134-281.7
NOTE*NOTE: There are questions as to whether Sarah "Sally" Hairston was the daughter of Capt. Robert Hairston, since she was not mentioned in Robert's will (1790) or in the bibles listing Robert's children. Sarah Hairston Baldwin died sometime between her daughter Martha's birth 8 January 1785 and Baldwin Rowland's second marriage on 8 December 1788. In the book "History of Henry County, Virginia" (1925) by Judith Hill, she states that Sarah Hairston Rowland's daughters, Elizabeth and Martha, were taken to their grandparents, Robert and Ruth Hairston, after Sarah's death. When their grandfather Robert Hairston died, Elizabeth and Sarah were taken to Samuel and Judith Hairston until adulthood. Also, in the 1782 marriage records of Baldwin Rowland and Sarah Hairston, Robert Hairston is listed as Sarah's father.

There is a marriage recorded between Baldy Rowland and Elizabeth Carpenter on 6 November 1788, by Joseph Anthony, in the Henry County County Register of Marriages, page 156. I do not have any additional information about this document.2 


Sarah "Sally" HAIRSTON b. a 1764, d. b 26 May 1790
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