John ROWLAND ID#6592, d. about September 1780
Father*Andrew ROWLAND1
Mother*Ruth NORMAN b. a 1731
John ROWLAND was the son of Andrew ROWLAND and Ruth NORMAN.1 
MarriageJohn ROWLAND married Mary (surname unknown).2 
Court Record*Michael Rowland, John Rowland and John Blagg sign a 150 pound bond to the Justices of Pittsylvania County. - FSL image 359.3
DeedJohn and Mary Rowland sell a tract of land in Pittsylvania County to James and Robert Donalor of Great Britian on 8 October 1775. - FSL 7646005-411.4
County Name*1776 - Henry County from Pittsylvania. 
Court Record1777 - the first county court of Henry County was held in the home of John Rowland. Abram Penn, Edmund Lyne, Peter Saunders and George Waller attended.5,6 
Deed*1778 Henry County - John and Mary Rowland sell 153 acres to George Hairston on 28 May 1778. Witnessed by Baldwin Rowland. - Henry County Deed Book 1, p. 186. FSL 7898570-114.7
Court RecordMarch 1779 - John and Baldin Rowland were licensed to keep an ordinary (tavern) in Henry County.8 
Property1780 Henry County - John Rowland Sr. sold to John Acuff, land of 40 acres on Leatherwood waters joining Lomax, John Minter and Acuff, for five hundred pounds. Witnessed by George Hairstone, John Wells and Will Blevens.7 
Property1780 Henry County - John Marr, George Rowland and John Rowland Sr sold to Josias Shaw, 600 acres on Macain's corner of Marrowbone Creek, for 10,200 pounds. 25 May 1780.7 
WillJohn ROWLAND left a will on 5 July 1780 in Henry County, Virginia, His will mentions "my brother Michael Rowland's eldest son William Roland", "my brother George Rowland", "my wife Mary", "to George Rowland Jr. and William Rowland, sons of Gilbert Roland", "two sons of Joshua Bowls dec'd....their mother Sarah Bowls", Garland Akin, and "Mary Isham, wife of James Isham". Executors were William Tunstall, Haynes Morgan, Peter Saunders and Josiah Carter. Patrick Henry, John Fountain, John Salmon guardians of Garland Akin. Witnessed by Baldwin Rowland, Henry Barksdale and John Salmon - Henry County Will Book 1, p. 37-39. FSL 7898570-29 NOTE: the will states "to George Rowland Jr. and William Rowland, sons of Gilbert Roland" This could be a transcription error, since George Jr. would normally be the son of George..2,9
Death*He died about September 1780 in Henry County, Virginia.2 
Probate*His estate was probated on 29 September 1780 in Henry, Virginia. The will was presented to the court on 29 September 1780 by William Tunstall and Peter Saunders who gave bond with John Fountain and George Hairston.2,9
ProbateHis estate inventory was probated on 26 October 1780 in Henry, Virginia. By Mordecai Hord, Henry Barksdale, and Brice Martin. - Henry County Will Book 1, pages 40-42. FSL images 31-32.9
ProbateHis estate accounting was presented to probate court on 25 July 1783 in Henry, Virginia. Henry County Will Book 1, pages 76-77. FSL images 68-69.10,9
ProbateHis estate accounting was probated on 26 January 1786 in Henry, Virginia. Henry County Will Book 1, page125. FSL image 92.10,9
ProbateHis estate accounting was probated on 17 August 1788 in Henry, Virginia. Mrs Rowland is mentioned and paid for for board of Garland (Akin) and for wintering cattle for estate. - Henry County Will Book 1, page 166. FSL image 113.10,9
ProbateHis estate accounting was probated on 1 May 1792 in Henry County, Virginia. Henry County Will Book 1, pages 219-221. FSL images 140-141.10,9
NOTE*NOTE: Mary Rowland mentions a granddaughter named Lucy Ryan in her will. This indicates that she had children with John Rowland or possible from an earlier marriage. 

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