Col. Hiram Cassel BOONE ID#2464, b. 3 July 1789, d. 11 August 1862
Father*Samuel BOONE Jr.1 b. 22 Mar 1736, d. a 1805
Mother*Jane HUGHES b. a 1745, d. 1839
Birth*Col. Hiram Cassel BOONE was born on 3 July 1789 in Shelby, Kentucky.2,3,4,5,1 
He was the son of Samuel BOONE Jr. and Jane HUGHES.1 
Military*Hiram C. Boone was the Harrison County, Indiana Militia. 
Marriage*Col. Hiram Cassel BOONE married Frances Ann BOONE on 17 March 1813 in Harrison, Indiana.6,5,1 
Death Spouse*His wife, Frances Ann Boone, died on 4 July 1820.1 
Marriage*Col. Hiram Cassel BOONE married Sarah "Sallie" Hairston RENTFRO, daughter of Capt. Joshua RENTFRO and Jane "Jenny" HAIRSTON, on 2 August 1821.2,7,5,1 
Census 1830*Col. Hiram Cassel BOONE appeared on the census of 1830 in Meade, Kentucky.8 
Census 1840*He appeared on the census of 1840 in Meade, Kentucky.9 
Census 1850*He appeared on the census of 1850 in Meade, Kentucky.4

Census 1860*He appeared on the census of 17 August 1860 in Meade, Kentucky, H.C. 71 KY, S.H. 62 VA, S.H. 31 KY, Jas M 27 KY, Ellen 23 KY, W.C. 5/12 KY, Junius B 25 KY, Victoria 23 KY, Malvina 20 KY, Hiram 18 KY, M.P. 13 MO.10

Death*He died on 11 August 1862 in Sandy Farm, Meade, Kentucky, at age 73.3,1 
Burial*He was buried in Hiram C. Boone Family Cemetery, Meade, Kentucky.3 
NOTE*Hiram Cassel Boone lived in Meade County, Kentucky. He left a written statement regarding his descent from George Boone III.

"He was the richest and most influential man in the county; among his friends were Jonathan Jennings, Governor; John Tipton, Senator; Ratliff Boone, Representative in Congress, of Indiana; and Henry Clay, Senator from Kentucky. He was urged to go to Congress, but refused to be a candidate. He owned a large farm on the Ohio River, with a fine brick house, which is still standing and owned by his son, Hiram C. Boone 2d. He was a man of education and refinement. His pictures
show a very striking resemblance to his distinguished cousin Col. Daniel Boone, a grand-niece of whom was his first wife. At the time Squire Boone, Jr., left Kentucky (about 1807), taking with him all of his own family and all of Samuel Boone's, Hiram C. Boone moved to Indiana with the rest. In 1811 a Captain Smith was sent to Harrison County to raise a company of soldiers to go to the relief of Fort Harrison. Hiram Boone entered actively into the work of securing the men. When finally or-
ganized the men objected to Captain Smith, who generously told them they might select their own captain, and that any one could offer who chose. Boone, who was then but a boy, stood for election. The men were drawn up, and instructed by Captain Smith, that at the command of "March" they would line up with the man they wished to command them. Every soldier, save one — a relative of Smith — marched to Boone.
Boone was commissioned Captain of the 1st Regiment of Militia of Indiana Territory, by WilHam Henry Harrison, Governor and Commander in Chief, June 26, 1811. This service is officially known as "The Campaign of the Wabash." (See Act of Congress, approved April 10, 1812, for the relief of the officers and soldiers.) February 27, 1813, he was commissioned Major of the 5th Regiment of the Mihtia of Indiana Territory; his service was that of fighting the Indian allies of Great
Britain in the War of 1812. (See Act of Congress approved March 3, 1813.) Commission signed by John Gibson, Acting Governor. April 26, 1817, he was commissioned Colonel of the 5th Regiment of Militia of the State of Indiana. From then until his death he was always called Colonel Boone. Commission signed by Jonathan Jennings, Governor." A GENEALOGICAL HISTORY OF THE DESCENDANTS OF GEORGE AND MARY BOONE WHO CAME TO AMERICA IN 1717, Citation #241.2,1 

Family 1

Frances Ann BOONE b. 16 Jan 1794, d. 4 Jul 1820

Family 2

Sarah "Sallie" Hairston RENTFRO b. 22 Feb 1799, d. 16 Sep 1864
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