HAIRSTON.org ID#1791, b. 23 October 1720, d. 4 December 1794
Father*Evan SHELBY1,2,3 b. bt 1690 - 1695, d. 1750
Mother*Catherine (surname unknown) d. 1754
Baptism*Evan SHELBY Jr. was baptized on 23 October 1720 in Tregaron, Cardiganshire, Wales; "E&C son Evan Jr is Chr"
Source: Letter from Lib of Wales, 9 Jan 1978 in response to letter from a Miss Wiley-..."copies from the Tregaron parish register "1720, 10 bris 23, Evanus fil. Evani Shelby, bapt.fuit. Please note that I have carefully checked the date, and that it is 1720, not 1719"] [Note- The Vicar of St Caron's Church gives the year as 1719, which is the date all the researchers have used, including Cass Knight Shelby-CKS]
Evan's tombstone shows he was 74 when he died 1794, which confirms the 1720 date] Judith A. Trolinger.1 
He was the son of Evan SHELBY and Catherine (surname unknown).1,2,3 
Emigration*Evan SHELBY Jr. emigrated about 1730 from Walesand settled in Prince Goerge County, Maryland.4 
Marriage*He married Letitia COX, daughter of David COX and Susanna (surname unknown), about 1744.4,2 
County Name*1748 - Frederick County formed. In 1776 the part of Frederick County the Shelby's weere living in became Washington County. 
ProbateEvan SHELBY Jr. was the administrator of Evan SHELBY's estate on 19 July 1750 in Annapolis, Maryland; Evan Shelby's wife Catherine and son Evan, Jr. filed a bond on 19 July 1750.3 
MilitaryIn 1757, Evan Shelby was a First Lieutenant at Fort Frederick.3 
Military1758 - Evan Shelby was promoted to Captain.3 
Property1763 - 9,860 acres of land southeast Maiden's Choice.3 
Elected*Evan Shelby was the Justice of the Peace of Frederick County from 1764- to 1773.3 
Property1766 - he acquired an additional 3,340 acres next to the 9,860 above.3 
Immigration*Evan SHELBY Jr. immigrated about 1773 to Fincastle County, Virginia. Evan Shelby and Isaac Baker purchased 1,946 acres and then added more land later. Some of this land became Bristol, Tennessee.3 
Military*Evan Shelby fought in the Battle of Point Pleasant on the Kanawha River in 1774, during Lord Dunmore's War.5 
Military1776 - Evan Shelby was promoted to Major by the Governor.3 
County Name1776 - Fincastle County, Virginia divided into Kentucky, Montgomery and Washington counties. Evan Shelby's property ended up in Washington County, Virginia.3 
MilitaryMajor Evan Shelby was with Col. William Christian on the Cherokee Expedition (Christie's Campaign) in August, 1776.6 
Death Spouse*His wife, Letitia Cox, died on 6 September 1777.7,3,8 
Will*His will, dated 1778, lists children John, Isaac, James, Evan, Moses and Catherine.
Note: the will is listed 1798 in part of index to Washington County Wills and Administrations (1770 - 1800) p. 186-189. Will pro. 16 Oct. 1798. Will Book 2, 1792-1806 (Reel 15), Library of Virginia.2,3 
County NameIn 1779 a new boundary survey found that Evan Shelby's home was determined to be in Sullivan County, North Carolina instead of Virginia. This land would later become part of Tennessee in 1790.3 
Property*1779 - 2000 acres on the waters of Elk Horn Creek a branch of the Kentucky adjoining William Preston.
Source: Land Office Grants A, 1779-1780 (v.1 & 2 p.1-685), p. 1 (Reel 42), Library of Virginia. 
Survey*On the 12th of August 1784, Isaac Shelby had 500 acres of land in Fayette County surveyed a part of a Military Warrant No. 82 dated April 22, 1780. This land is adjoining Isaac Shelby Fayette County Surveys, Vol. D, page 106. Family Search Library Flim #008140371, image 136.
Marriage*He married Isabella ELLIOTT in 1787.3 
Military1787 - Evan Shelby promoted to Brigadier General on 5 January 1787, Washington District, North Carolina.3 
County Name1790 - seven North Carolina counties were ceded to the Federal government, including Sullivan County where Evan Shelby's home was located. The house moved from Virginia to North Carolina and then to Tennessee without moving off it's foundation.3 
Death*Evan SHELBY Jr. died on 4 December 1794 in Sullivan County, Tennessee, at age 74.4,8,7 
Burial*He was buried in East Hill Cemetery, Bristol, Sullivan County, Tennessee.4,8 
Probate*His estate was probated on 16 October 1798 in Washington, Virginia. Probate would also have been in Sullivan County, Tennessee, but records were destroyed during the Civil War.3 
SAR*SAR Patriot Index Edition III.9 

Family 1

Letitia COX b. 12 Jan 1727, d. 6 Sep 1777

Family 2

Isabella ELLIOTT

Sources (www.HAIRSTON.org)

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