Samuel AMYX ID#1741, b. about 1745, d. before January 1819
Father*Matthew AMYX1,2 b. 1715, d. b 10 Apr 1779
Mother*Mary (surname unknown)
Birth*Samuel AMYX was born about 1745 in Augusta County, Virginia.3 
He was the son of Matthew AMYX and Mary (surname unknown).1,2 
Marriage*Samuel AMYX married Eleanor HAIRSTON, daughter of Andrew HAIRSTON and Elizabeth (surname unknown), before 1764. Proof of marriage of Ellenor Hairston and Smauel Amyx (Amox) is established in the probate records of Andrew Hairston's will in Campbell County, Virginia.4 
County Name*1769 - Botetourt County formed from Augusta County. 
County Name1776 - Kentucky County from Fincastle. 
WillIn Matthew AMYX's will dated 5 March 1776 in Botetourt County, Virginia, Samuel AMYX was named as an heir; Matthew Amyx left a will dated March 5, 1776 in which he mentioned 3 sons, James, Matthew and Samuel. He also mentioned a son-in-law James Smith, but no daughter. - Botetourt County Will Book A, page 109. Family Search Library Film #7644336, image 63-64.1
Property*Samuel Amyx inherited 200 acres of land in Kentucky from Samuel Hairston. His wife Eleanor (Hairston) Amyx also inherited 200 acres. Note: Kentucky refers to Kentucky County, Virginia. Kentucky did not become a state until 1792.5 
WillIn Samuel HAIRSTON's will dated 9 February 1782 in Campbell County, Virginia, Samuel AMYX was named as an heir.5
ProbateAndrew's wife, Elizabeth Hairston, the administrator of his estate, along with the other heirs, sold 400 acres of land to James Shearer on 4 September 1783. The deed was signed by Elizabeth Hairston, Alexander Forbes and his wife Jenny, Matthew Amox and his wife Catherine, Samuel Amox his wife Elanor, Prissialla Hairston, Margaret Hairston and Susanna Hairston. All of the women signed with a mark, usually indicating they could not write. - Campbell County Deed Book 2, page 9-10. FSL #8141162 image 224.
PropertyOn 9 January 1787, Matthew Amack and his wife Catherine, in compliance to his father's will, transfer land to his brother Samuel Amack. Witnessed by Priscilla Harriston, John Howard and James Smith. - Botetourt County Deed Book 3, page 451-452. Family Search Library Film #7893748, image 246. 
DeedHe is mentioned in the property documents of Alexander FORBES and Andrew HAIRSTON on 9 November 1793 in Campbell County, Virginia; On November 9, 1793, Alexander Forbes and his wife Jane (from Bedford Co.), Mathew Amack (Amyx) and his wife Catrine (from Botetourt Co.), and Samuel Amack (Amyx) and his wife Elenore (from Botetourt Co.), sell 400 acres that was originally granted to Andrew Hairston, to John Ratekin for 60 pounds. These 3 wives are the daughters of Andrew Hairston and their husbands are selling land they inherited from Andrew. Only Alexander Forbes signed his name, the rest signed with their mark, except Jane Amyx that did not sign or put her mark on the deed. - Campbell County Deed 3, page 422. FSL #8141162 image 710.6
Deed*On 12 June 1804, Mathew Amyx sells 11 acres to Samuel Baker. - Botetourt County Deed Book 8, page 422. Family Search Library Film #7837426, image 242.
Survey*On February 7, 1806, Samuel Amyx has 395 acres of land in Botetourt County surveyed.7 
Census 1810*Samuel AMYX appeared on the census of 1810 in Botetourt County, Virginia, Amix, Sam'l Sr, Males 16-25 1, 45+ 1, Females 10-15 1, 16-25 2. James Amix and Mathew Amix Sr. are also listed on same page of 1810 census.8 
Will*He left a will on 5 May 1818 in Botetourt County, Virginia. Mentions sons Isaac, Andrew, daughters Peggy Taylor, Elizabeth Preston, Esther Lamb, Susannah Amyx and Elinor Amyx.9,10
Death*He died before January 1819. 
Probate*His estate was probated in January 1819 in Botetourt County, Virginia.9,10 


Eleanor HAIRSTON b. a 1745, d. b 5 May 1818
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