Fielding LEWIS Jr. ID#1561, b. 14 February 1750/51, d. July 1803
Father*Colonel Fielding LEWIS1,2,3 b. 7 Jul 1725, d. a 10 Dec 1781
Mother*Elizabeth Betty WASHINGTON4 b. 20 Jun 1733, d. 31 Mar 1797
Blessing*Fielding LEWIS Jr. received a blessing on 14 February 1751; His godfathers were George Washington and Robert Jackson and his godmothers were Mrs. Mary Washington and Mrs. Frances Thornton.1 
Birth*He was born on 14 February 1750/51 in Fredricksburg, Spotsylvania County, Virginia.4,5,1 
He was the son of Colonel Fielding LEWIS and Elizabeth Betty WASHINGTON.1,2,3,4 
Marriage*Fielding LEWIS Jr. married Ann Nancy ALEXANDER, daughter of Gerard ALEXANDER and Mary DENT, about 1769 in Alexandria, Fairfax County, Virginia.6,5,4,2,3 
WillFielding LEWIS Jr. was mentioned in the will of Colonel Fielding LEWIS on 19 October 1781 in Spotsylvania County, Virginia; Mentions wife Betty, sons John, Fielding, George, Lawrence, Howell, and Robert.7 
Death Spouse*His wife, Ann Nancy Alexander, died in 1788.4 
Marriage*Fielding LEWIS Jr. married Elizabeth DADE on 2 March 1789.4 
WillIn President George WASHINGTON's will dated 9 July 1799 in Fairfax County, Virginia, Fielding LEWIS Jr. was named as an heir.8
Death*He died in July 1803 in Virginia at age 52. Fielding Lewis Jr. did not leave a will.4,9 
Court Record*The Virginia Chancery Records from the Library of Virginia contain copies of letters relating to a lawsuit concerning the 1805 will of Mildred G. Hammond of Jefferson County, West Virginia. Plaintiffs: Executors of the George Washington Estate, Lawrence Washington, etc. vs. Defendants: Lawrence Lewis, William McCarty Spotswood, Bushrod Washington, etc. The files contain hundreds of pages, including letters that list George Washington heirs and their descendents.
A letter dated 19 May 1823 written by Mary D. Washington to the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia for the Court of Alexandria contains the following on page 4: "That Fielding Lewis died intestate on whose estate no person hath taken letters of administration leaving Charles A Lewis, Robert A Lewis, Catherine the wife of Henry C Dade, Lucinda the wife of Gilson Foote, Nancy the wife of Thomas Davidson and Elizabeth the wife of Alexander E. Spotswood." (I have added commas to make the sentence clearer.) This is a list of the living children of Fielding Lewis Jr. as of 1823. Please note that after the death of Fielding Lewis (1725-1781), Fielding Lewis Jr. stopped adding Jr. to his name. - These letters are found at the Library of Virginia, Chancery Records - Arlington County, Index Number 1837-019.9
Court RecordHenry Chew DADE; On 10 September 1823, Henry C. Dade wrote a letter which is included in the Virginia Chancery records case 1837-019 concerning the estate of General George Washington. In the letter he mentions two daughters of Fielding Lewis Jr. and their husbands; Lucinda Lewis wife of Gilson Foote and Catherine D. Lewis wife of Henry C. Dade. Copy of the letter is attached.10

Family 1

Ann Nancy ALEXANDER b. 1756, d. a 1788

Family 2

Elizabeth DADE d. bt 1804 - 1807

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