John Phillips HAYS ID#8217, b. before 1796
Father*Jonathan Jackson HAYS1 b. a 1755, d. a 1846
Mother*Jane Jenette PHILLIPS b. b 1764, d. b 1830
Birth*John Phillips HAYS was born before 1796. (an unknown value.) 
He was the son of Jonathan Jackson HAYS and Jane Jenette PHILLIPS.1 
Deed"Oct. 4, 1796. Jonothan Jackson Hays, to John Phillip Hays, of Franklin County, ten dollars for land on Oconee River, Franklin County, now Jackson County. Orginially surveyed and granted to Jenny Phillips, now the wife of said Hays...." - Jackson County Deed Book A&B page 64.2 
Tax Rolls1800 - John Hays pays taxes on 100 acres in Capt. John Henderson District, Franklin County.3
Tax Rolls1801 - John P. Hays pays tax on 215 acres originally granted to Jonathan Hays and bounding Baker. Capt. Fredrick Bear District, Franklin County. (the tax collecter may have reversed the names John P. Hays and Jonthan Hays.)3
DeedSamuel Hairston deeds a slave boy named Mopy to his nephew John Phillips Hays upon Samuel's death. The deed is dated 3 September 1804. Franklin County, Georgia Deed Book OOO, Page 59.4
Deed*On March 21, 1817, Samuel Phillips gives to John Phillips Hays 500 acres in Franklin county (originally granted to Peter Williamson) "for and in consideration of my maintenance during my existance in this world in a kind and plentiful manner commencing on the first day of January next..." - Franklin County Deed Book HH, page 123. FSL 8153361-137. 
DeedOn March 29, 1817, J. P. Hays sells a slave named Moses to Samuel Phillips for $300. Franklin County Deed Book HH, page 126. FSL 8153361-140. 
Tax Rolls1818 - John Hays pays taxes on 500 acres originally grant to P. Williamson in Capt. Job Hammond District, Franklin County.
Tax Rolls1819 - Jonathan J Hays pays taxes for John Hays on 500 acres originally granted to Williamson in Franklin county. Capt. Hammond District, Franklin County.
DeedSamuel Phillips sells 500 acres formerly granted to Peter Williamson to John Phillips Hays for $10. - Franklin County, Georgia Deed Book B, page 64-65.4 
Tax Rolls1821 - Jackson Hays pays poll and taxes for 200 acres originally granted to Phillips. He also pays poll taxes for John Hays. Capt. Hooper District, Franklin County.
Tax Rolls1823 - John Hays pays poll tax and pays property taxes for Jonathan J Hays. Capt. Coker District, Franklin County.
Tax Rolls1825 - John P Hayes pays the Poll tax in Franklin County.
Tax Rolls*1826 - Samuel Phillips pays poll for John Hays. He also pays poll and taxes on 200 acres in Clarke County for Jackson Hays. Capt. Bioswell District, Franklin County.
Tax Rolls*1827 - John P Hayes next to Johnathan J Hayes and Jackson Hayes, Franklin County tax rolls.3
Deed*John P. Hays pays $649 to Jonathan J. Hays for a 649 acre tract of land in Franklin County originially granted to Peter Williamson as 990 acres and which Peter Williamson then sold 649 acres to Samuel Phillips. Franklin County, Georgia Deed Book DD, page 197. FSL 7898920-432.
Tax Rolls*1836 - John P. Hays pays poll tax in Franklin County, Georgia tax rolls. Therefore he is under 60. He is listed next to Jonathan J. Hays and near Dennis Phillips.3
Deed*John P. Hays sells to Thomas King a parcel of land containing 649 acres. This property being part of the grant to Peter Williamson sold to Samuel Phillips and then to Jonathan J. Hays and then to John P. Hays. Franklin County Deed Book DD, page 93. FSL 7898920-651.
WillIn Jonathan Jackson HAYS's will dated 13 August 1845 in Franklin, Georgia, John Phillips HAYS was named as an heir; Mentions sons John P. Hays and Jackson J. Hays. Executors are Jackson Hays and George Shell. Witnesses are James L. Smith, Willis Scales and Nelson Osbern. The will does not mention a wife. Witnessed by Willis Scales and Nelson Osborn. - Franklin County Probate Records, 1742-1990, Wills 1827-1849. Family Search Library Film #5767967, images 124-125.1
Tax Rolls1850 - John P Hays, no poll, 306 acres - pays tax in Franklin County.
DeedOn November 7, 1850, John P. Hays sells 306 acres to Charles Rice. Land was originally granted to Louis Ballard. Land was willed by Johnathan Hays to John P. Hays. Witnessed by Cleverly Phillips and Cleverly Hughs. (Cleverly Phillips was born c. 1787 in North Carolina and married to Betsy Cook.) Franklin County Deed Book AB, page 246. FSL 8153362-264. 
NOTE*GENEALOGY NOTES: All men in Georgia over 21 had to pay a poll tax or head tax, whether or not they owned property. This tax dates from 1780s. In 1826, men over the age 60 were exempted from the poll tax.

Could not find an 1850 census for John Phillips Hays. 
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