Col. James LOMAX Jr. ID#3910, b. 5 May 1787, d. 18 September 1835
Father*James LOMAX1 b. a 1755, d. 9 Aug 1835
Mother*Jane DILWORTH1 b. a 1755, d. 13 Aug 1823
Marriage*Col. James LOMAX Jr. married Matilda HARGRAVE.1,2,3,4 
Birth*Col. James LOMAX Jr. was born on 5 May 1787.1,4 
He was the son of James LOMAX and Jane DILWORTH.1 
WillCol. James LOMAX Jr. witnessed the will of William HAIRSTON on 18 March 1808 in Abbeville, South Carolina; People mentioned: children Peter, James, John, William, Thomas, Jane Brown and Agness Martin. Executors are James Lomax Sr. and John Brannan. - FSL #4752968, image 211.5
WillIn Susannah FRITH's will dated 8 December 1812 in Abbeville, South Carolina, Col. James LOMAX Jr. was named as executor; Mentions the following: 1. daughter Milley Hairston and Milley's oldest daughter Beckey Hairston, 2. daughter Susannah Frith, 3. daughter Avis Brown
and her son Jacob Frith, 4. daughter Nancy Spenser and her daughter Susannah Spencer, 5. Joseph Frith, 6. Archey Frith, 7. John Frith, 8. Haverd Frith, 9. Haverd Frith, 10. daughter Rebecca Goselin.
Executors: Arch. Frith, John Sprue and Jas. Lomax Jr.
Witnessed by James Lomax Jr., James McKee and Jesse Spencer.6,7

ProbateHe was a buyer of property from the estate of Joseph FRITH between 1817 and 1827; Inventory & Appraisment Estate of Joseph Frith Decd., 34-737, Record Book No. 4, pages 384 - 13 June 1817, Abbeville County, South Carolina.

Some of the buyers were James Hearston Sr., Archibald Frith, James Lomax Jr. and William Lomax.8 
WillCol. James LOMAX Jr. was mentioned in the will of James LOMAX on 12 December 1832 in Abbeville, South Carolina; lists wife Lucy, children: George, William, James, Rachel Lomax and grandchildren: Nancy, Margaret, James (son of Absalom).2 
Will*Col. James LOMAX Jr. left a will on 5 September 1835 in Abbeville, South Carolina; Mentions wife Matilda V. Lomax, 3 sons William James Lomax, Lucian Hargroves Lomax (a minor) and George Warren Lomax (a minor), his brother George Lomax. Witness: A. B. Arnold, Jessee S. Adams and W. W. Knight.3 
Death*He died on 18 September 1835 at age 48.1,4 
Probate*His estate was probated on 15 October 1835 in Abbeville, South Carolina.3 



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