Dr. John Milton ERVIN

HAIRSTON.org ID#1042, b. 22 August 1811, d. 6 September 1844
Father*Col. William Ethelbert ERVIN1 b. 16 Aug 1780, d. 6 Nov 1839
Mother*Elizabeth DICK b. 6 Dec 1786, d. 10 Dec 1844
Birth*Dr. John Milton ERVIN was born on 22 August 1811 in South Carolina.1 
He was the son of Col. William Ethelbert ERVIN and Elizabeth DICK.1 
Marriage*Dr. John Milton ERVIN married Mary Pervis JENNINGS, daughter of Artemus Crumpton JENNINGS and Rebecca POU, on 7 February 1838 in Lowndes, Mississippi.2,1 
Religion*Dr. John Milton ERVIN was was made Ruling Elder at Bethel Presbyterian Church, Lowndes Coutny, Mississpii on May 25, 1839.

"3. John M. Ervin, M. D., a son of Capt. Wm. Ervin, was absent attending medical lectures, when the Church was organized. Having returned home, he made a profession of his faith in Christ, Sept. 6, 1834. On May 25, 1839, he was ordained a Ruling Elder. After a service of five years and two months he was removed by death, Sept. 6, 1844. He was a thoroughly educated physician, a successful practitioner, and an exemplary Christian and office-bearer. His decease was a loss to the Church and the community, which was deeply and widely felt. His wife Mrs. Mary Pou Ervin. was a daughter of Mr. A. C. Jennings, to whom he left four children, all daughters, to be trained under the covenant, three of whom became communicants in the Presbyterian Church Mrs. Ervin was, in 1847, united in marriage with the Rev. Mitchel Peden, and on August 2, 1857, took a letter of dismission to unite with Bethsalem Church to which Mr. Peden then ministered. A son by this marriage, Wm P. Peden, was received by this Church on examination, Sept. 30, 1871, but took a dismission, Oct. 20, 1872."
"Historical Sketch of the Bethel Presbyterian Church, Lowndes County, Miss. - Semi-Centennial Celebration - June 21, 1884" by Rev. E. T. Baird, D. D.3
WillIn Col. William Ethelbert ERVIN's will dated 11 October 1839, Dr. John Milton ERVIN was named as an heir; Mentioned: Sons - John Milton, James Washington, Edwin Alexander, William, Daughters - Margaret Mariah Gibson, Jane Magdelen Ervin, Sarah Ann Ervin. Probate Book E, Page 482, Lowndes County, Mississippi. 
Death*He died on 6 September 1844 at age 33.1,3 


Mary Pervis JENNINGS b. 8 Jun 1821

Sources (www.HAIRSTON.org)

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