Old Stone House  

An old house whose walls were built of stone stood at the head of Main Street about where the Bank of Stuart building now stands. It was built by Col. Samuel Staples and was his home until his death. Samuel Staples' wife was Lucinda Penn, daughter of Col. Abraham Penn and Ruth Stovall Penn of Poplar Grove. Both Samuel Staples and his wife were originally buried just back of the stone house. The remains were later removed to the Town Cemetery.  

The old stone house had such thick walls that very little heat was need to keep it warm, and was so well insulated that it did not get very hot in summer. The house remained a dwelling until the second half of this century. It was torn down to make room for the bank building.  

Many of the descendents of Col. Samuel Staples have held important offices in Patrick County as well as other places. Several were judges of the Virginia Supreme Court, two were Attorney General of Virginia. Only one male Staples now lives in Patrick County.  

Samuel Staples was a brother of John Staples whose daughter, Sarah Staples, married Harden Hairston of Old Fort. Samuel Staples' granddaughter, Kiziah Staples, married Nicholas Edward Hairston, son of Harden and Sarah Staples Hairston of Old Fort.

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