Rev. James ANDERSON ID#6035, b. 17 November 1678, d. 16 July 1740
Birth*Rev. James ANDERSON was born on 17 November 1678 in Edinburg, Scotland.1 
Marriage*He married Suit GARLAND in February 1713.2 
Religion*Rev. James Anderson became the minister for Donegal Church in Chester County, Pennsylvania in August 1727.1 
County Change*Lancaster County, PA is formed from Chester County, PA - 1728. 
Death Spouse*His wife, Suit GARLAND, died on 24 December 1736.2,1 
Marriage*Rev. James ANDERSON married Rebecca CRAWFORD on 27 December 1737.2,1 
Will*The will of the Rev. James Anderson — " The last will and testament of James Anderson of Donegal in Lancaster County. Imprimis. I give and bequeath to my dearly beloved wife, Rebecca Anderson, the half of this plantation whereon I now live, including the house, barn, run to or about the place where Bank's house and improvements was, with some land at the riverside bottom, during her natural life ; also I give and bequeath to her assigns forever the third part of my moveable estate and ye use and services of the negro wench Dinah while she and Dinah lives. In the next place, I give and bequeath to my son James the other half of this plantation to him, his heirs and assigns forever, to the possession of which he is to enter when at age or marries, and that piece of land over the river opposite to the place I also give to him and his heirs forever. I have payd and have a warrant in lien under the hand of Receiver General and paid for the patent to Mr. Peter's to him and his heirs and assigns forever. I also give
and bequeath to him the negro man Pline to him and his heirs and assigns forever ; this in the meantime my will is that he pay one-half of the mortgage and quit rent yearly till all the mortgage be payed. Item : I give to my daughter Susannah the negro
wench Bell to her and her heirs. Item : I give to my dearly beloved wife Rebecca my son Thomas as her own son and child to be brought up by her as her own in the way she shall see cause. Tho' my desire is that if possible that he may be brought up to learning and particularly to the ministry, and that half of the plantation that I have left to my wife during her natural life fall in after her descease to him and his heirs and assigns forever. The remains of my estate, if there be any, my will is that it be equally divided between all my children. Item : My will that if any of my children die without heirs y s that is hereby left to them shall be equally divided between all the rest. Item : I leave my said dearly beloved wife sole and only executrix of this my last will. Item : I give to my niece Susannah Rradford those bills and bonds which belonged to my former fatherinlaw, now in the hands of Mr. Sherer of Newcastle. "

"J. A. Anderson. "

"This 14th day of July, 1740, witness William Allison, Robert Allison."2 
Death*Rev. James ANDERSON died on 16 July 1740 at age 61.2,1 
Burial*He was buried in Donegal Presbyterian Church, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.2 
Probate*His estate was probated on 22 July 1740 in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.2 

Family 1

Suit GARLAND d. 24 Dec 1736

Family 2


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