Col. Jeremiah EARLY ID#4950, b. December 1705, d. 1795
Birth*Col. Jeremiah EARLY was born in December 1705 in Ireland.1,2 
Marriage*He married Elizabeth BUFORD, daughter of Thomas BUFORD Jr., on 16 October 1728.1,2 
Property8 August 1750 Culpepper County, Virginia, - Robert Martin, of St. Thomas Parrish, Orange Co., and Ann, to Jeremiah Early, of St. Thomas Parrish, Culpepper County, Gilgo Run, Hawkbill, 400 acres patented to Robert, 20th September. Page 787.3 
Property*5 April 1755 Augusta County, Virginia, Col. Jeremiah EARLY acquires 200 acers on Jilgo run, Elk Run.3 
Military*September 1758 Bedford County, Virginia, - Jeremiah Early was a Lieutenant in the Bedford County Militia.4 
Court Record*3 April 1767 Bedford County, Virginia, - Jeremaih Early, Samuel Hairstone, John Phelps, Robert Ewing, Charles Talbot, William Mead, Richard Stith and Joseph Rentfro were Justices of the Peace in Bedford County, Virginia.5 
Military28 December 1778 Bedford County, Virginia,[ - M]; Jeremiah Early was sworn in as a Colonel in the Bedford County Militia.6 
Death*He died in 1795 in Madison County, Virginia.1 


Elizabeth BUFORD

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