Thomas Jefferson PATTY ID#4351, b. 23 March 1841, d. 1 September 1912
Father*Colonel Jesse PATTY1 b. 20 Oct 1806, d. 21 Aug 1890
Mother*Sarah Gilbert PETTIGREW1 b. a 1820
Birth*Thomas Jefferson PATTY was born on 23 March 1841 in Mississippi.1,2 
He was the son of Colonel Jesse PATTY and Sarah Gilbert PETTIGREW.1 
Census 1850Thomas Jefferson PATTY listed in the household of Colonel Jesse PATTY in 1850 in Winston, Mississippi.1

Census 1860*Thomas Jefferson PATTY appeared on the census of 1860 in Louisville, Winston, Mississippi, employeed as a clerk and living with David Wrogg.3 
Census 1860He listed in the household of David Adair WRAGG in 1860 in Louisville, Winston, Mississippi.3

Marriage*Thomas Jefferson PATTY married Catherine "Kate" WRAGG, daughter of David Adair WRAGG and Catherine CRAWFORD, on 14 February 1865 in Winston, Mississippi.4 
Census 1870*Thomas Jefferson PATTY appeared on the census of 17 June 1870 in Macon, Noxubee County, Mississippi, Thomas J 30, Kate 24, David 4, William 2, Carrie 1.5

Property*On 3 January 1871, John William Patty, Thomas Jefferson Patty and Robert Calhoun Patty purchased property in block 8 of Macon, Noxubee County, Mississippi.
Noxubee County Deed Records, Volumn P, page 596, Family Search Film #008135310, image 339.
Marriage*He married Catherine "Kate" Lewis FOOTE, daughter of Hezekiah "Henry" William FOOTE and Lucinda Frances DADE, about 1874. 
Census 1880*Thomas Jefferson PATTY appeared on the census of 2 June 1880 in District 5, page 3, Sherman, Grayson, Texas, Thomas J 40 dry goods salesman, Kate F 40, David H 13, William 12, Carrie 10, Sallie 5, Ann Foote 2, Lewis D 10mth - his sister Ida L. Patty.6 
WillHe was mentioned in the will of Hezekiah "Henry" William FOOTE on 20 April 1892 in Noxubee County, Mississippi.7
Census 1900Thomas Jefferson PATTY appeared on the 1900 census of Dr. James Louis PATTY in 1900 in Noxubee County, Mississippi.8

Anecdote*Dr. J. L. Patty entertained three of his brothers last week, Messrs. T, J. Patty, W. F. Patty, of Sherman, Texas, and H. M. Patty, of Atlanta. The four brothers weigh 807 pounds, and their combined height is twenty-four feet and seven inches, The youngest, Mr. Henry Patty, is the heaviest and tallest.
Macon Beacon, Macon, Mississippi, October 27, 1900, page 3. 
Census 1910Thomas Jefferson PATTY appeared on the 1910 census of Harry Lee PATTY in 1910 in Beat 1, Noxubee County, Mississippi.9

Death*Thomas Jefferson PATTY died on 1 September 1912 at age 71.2 
Burial*He was buried in Odd Fellow Cemetery, Macon, Noxubee County, Mississippi.2

Obituary*Then only yesterday, while out at home, Will phoned me that my lifelong friend Capt. T. J. Patty had died in his far away home in Oklahoma and would be buried in the Macon cemetery at 3:30 o'ciock. While I new that he had been in bad health for some years, still the news of his death was quite shock to me, for I had hoped climate of his new home, to which he had so recently moved, would prove so beneficial that his health would be resstored and his life prolonged many years; but it was not to be and he died soon after reach there, and his faithful and
loving children brought his remains back to Macon, where had so long resided and buried him from the old church to which he had been ever faithful beside the last resting place of his near companions who had preceded him to the better land and amidst the people he had loved so well.

Tom Patty, like all true Southern boys. joined the army in the very beginning of hostilities, going with the very first company that left Winston county, and with it becoming a part of the immortal Barksdale brigade of Mississippis that contributed so much to the glory won by the army of Northern Virginia commanded by the immortal Lee.

He made a most gallant and worthy soldier, serving from "Manassas to Appmattox" and to his dying day gloried to the fact that he had given four years of his young manhood for the cause that we all loved so well, and craved no higher title than to be a "Confederate Veteran."
Soon after the war the "Patty Boys' with Tom at their head, moved to our county and engaged in business in Macon, and for a long time were the leaders in the social, financial and religious interests of Macon and vicinity, and no family ever impressed themselves more favorably upon the people of our county than this splendid set of young men.

Tom Patty had married one of Winston county's fair daughters before moving to Macon. I never bad the pleasure of a personal acquaintance with her, but those who had this honor spoke of her as a most estimable lady.

Some years after her death he was so fortunate as to win the heart and hand of Mrs. Israel Welsh, nee Miss Duck Foote, one of the most lovable and anelic ladies that I ever knew and she was all that a wife could be to bim and the most excellent mother to his children, but alas! all too soon she too, "grew weary in the way" and sank sweetly to rest in the arms of Jesus whom she loved so devotedly and served so well. I heard the Rev. Mr. King deliver an oration at the burial of our old comrade I Vad who die in the Lord," and as I stood by the grave of my dear friend on yesterday I could not but think how applicable this text was to him, for if I had to name a trait of character that most distinguished him it would be his steadfastness as a christian. When a merchant prince and leader among men was a devoted and humble christian. When he had been bereft of his beloved, companion and his fortune had taken wings and flown away, when he had lost health, he still was the same steadfast, trusting christian, and like the prophet of old, his cry was "Though He slay me still will I trust Him".

The last years of his life were spent with his devoted son and daughter in Bigbee Valley neighborhood, and there as elsewhere, he took a prominent __?__ in all church work and was especally influential with the young men of the neighborhood and they all revered and loved him.

He was blessed with devoted and loving children who deemed it no hardship to devote almost their entire time in caring for their father when his frail body was racked and wasted by pain and sickness.

Death came as a blessed relief for him and we all know he is at last at __?__. I am not writing this in any __?__ as an obituary for I have not the data to tell of the important events of his life, but simply to bear willing testimony to the well-spent life of this steadfast christian gentlemen and old comrade. May his beloved children and friends emulate his virtues so that that splendid promise "Blessed are the dead who die in the Lord" may also apply to us. "Requiescat en pace." Big Bud,

Macon Beacon, Macon, Mississippi, Friday, September 6, 1912, Page 1. 

Family 1

Catherine "Kate" WRAGG b. 14 Jun 1845, d. 4 Jan 1874

Family 2

Catherine "Kate" Lewis FOOTE b. 1841, d. 18 Jan 1890

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