Hester Henry Baker Shelby was given a photo album by her sisters "Bettie & Lou" (Elizabeth Coffman Baker and Mary Louisa Baker) in 1884, the year after Hester married Charles Shelby.  Hester had over 80 photos that she put in the photo album.  Most of these photos were taken in the late 1870s in Memphis at Bingham & Hilliard, Bingham & Brothers, Hilliard & Company, Gebhart & Company and others.  There are also several photos taken in Knoxville, Baltimore, Buffalo and New York.  Very few photos were labeled with any information on the photo or the album. Only a few photos are labeled with the individual's names: Charles Baker Shelby, Louis Coffman Shelby, Charles S. Shelby, Thomas Shields Vaden, Sallie Belle Griffing, Gamble Shields, Kate L. Rishardson, Charlie Shelby, Florence Monaghan, and Lizzie Bateman