Holywood Old Graveyard

Located in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland.



The following people are possibly related to the Hairston family in America. 


  Holywood Graveyard Born-Died  

"In Memory of William Brown in Paddock-hole, who died 11th April 1787 aged 36 years Also Janet Hairstons his spouse, who died 22nd August 1792 aged 43 years Also Thomas Brown, son to the above, who died at Courthill the 11th of march 1841 aged 68 years Also William Brown his son, who died at Paddockhole the 3rd of June 1804 aged 3 months Also Agnes Brown his daughter, who died at Courthill the 19th Feb 1810 aged 14 years Also Janet Grierson his spouse, who died 3rd Oct aged 94 years Also Elizabeth Crichton Brown his daughter, who died at Dumfries 18th March 1876 aged 58 years Also Isabelle Brown, who died at Courthill 4th April 1882 aged 80 years Also Isabelle Hiddleston, widow of John Neilson, Courthill, who died 3rd Sept 1903 aged 72 years." 


  Brown, Agnes 1796-1810  
  Brown, Janet Grierson 1770-1864  
  Brown, Janet Hairstons 1749-1792  
  Brown, Thomas 1773-1841  
  Brown, William 1751-1787  
  Brown, William 1804-1804  

"Sacred to the memory of Jean Morrine, spouse to John Hairstones of Gateside, who died on the 14th day of December 1828 aged 70 years. And of said John Hairstones, who died on the 6th day of July 1833 aged 80 years."


   Hairstones, John 1753-1833  
   Hairstones, Jean Morrine 1758-1828  

"In memory of Sarah Broadfoot, spouse to Robert Harrison, who died 13th May 1799 aged 58 years and Joseph, John, Agness, Jean, James, Sarah Harrisons, 6 of their children. Also of the above Robert Harrison, who died 11th May 1809 aged 65 years."


Note:  In other Holywood Kirk Session documents, Robert Harrison is spelled Robert Hairstanes.  Robert Hairstanes married Sarah Broadfoot in 1772.


  Harrison, Robert 1743-1809  
  Harrison, Sarah Broadfoot 1741-1799  
  Harrison, Agnes    
  Harrison, Charlotte 17xx-1786  
  Harrison, Isabell 17xx-1782  
  Harrison, James 17xx-1777  
  Harrison, Jean 17xx-1773  
  Harrison, John    
  Harrison, Joseph    
  Harrison, Sarah 17xx-1779  

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