Penpont Graveyard, Dumfries & Galloway HAIRSTON - Penpont Graveyard, Dumfries & Galloway

Penpont Graveyard

Located in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland.

Penpont Parish Church Graveyard 

The present church was built in 1867, situtated to the west of one built in 1782.  There was a fire in 1764 in which all records were lost.

The following people are possibly related to the Hairston family in America. 


  Penpont Graveyard Born-Died  

"In memory of Nicholas HAIRSTONES, spouse to James LAURIE in Woodhead of Laggan, who died March 7th 1798 aged 78 years. Also said James LAURIE, who died 1st Dec 1808 aged 83 years And Thomas LAURIE their son, died at Throughgate, Dunscore, 18th Sept 1835 aged 73 years And Janet CORRIE, wife of Thomas LAURIE, who died at Woodhead of Dunscore 30th Dec 1821 aged 61 And James LAURIE their son, died 8th April 1803 aged 16 years And Alexander LAURIE, died at Throughgate, Dunscore, 3rd April 1833 aged 68 years." 


Laurie, James


Laurie, James


Laurie, Nicholas Hairstones 


Laurie, Thomas

  Laurie, Janet Corrie 1760-1821  

"In memory of Mary HAIRSTONS, spouse to John HUNTER in Woodhead, who dy'd 1712 her age 52."


Hunter, Mary Hairstons


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