Dalgarnock Graveyard

Located in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland.


The following people are possibly related to the Hairston family in America. 


  Dalgarnock Graveyard Born-Died

"In memory of Adam HARKNESS 1657, farmer in Mitchelslacks & Tower of Locherben And Margaret FRIZZELL, or FRASER, his spouse, died December 1687 Ancestors of Distiguished Covenanters. Thomas, 1690, in Locherben, their elder son Bessie HOWATTSONE, his spouse, died 1674  Agnes HAIRSTANES, 1684, his spouse  William 1646-1691 in Mitchelslacks heir younger son who died on 6th September 1691 and is interred in Dalgarnoc.  Thomas, James, Adam, William, John, Samuel and Robert were sons of Thos. HARKNESS and Bessie HOWATTSONE.  James, 1651-1723 in Locherben son of the above Thomas died on 6th Decr 1723, interred Dalgarnoc. Thomas junior son of Thomas senior, Martyr 15th August 1684 is interred in Greyfriar's Churchyard, Edinburgh.  Agnes MENZIES 1684 his spouse.  Thomas 1685-1756 son of Thos. junior, Martyr died 3rd June 1756, is interred in Dalgarnoc.  Thomas 1681-November 1701.  William 1689-1769 sons of the above William in Mitchelsacks are interred in Dalgarnoc." Erected by HARKNESS descendants at home and abroad.


  Harkness, Agnes Hairstanes 16xx-1684  
  Harkness, Thomas 1626-1690  
  Harkness, Adam 1xxx-1657  
  Hovetson, Andrew 1635-1675  

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