Troqueer Graveyard

Located in Kirkcudbright, Scotland.



The following people are possibly related to the Hairston family in America. 


  Troqueer Graveyard Born-Died  
  Hairstens, Anna McWhir 1809-1875  
  Hairstens, Anna 1841-1865  
  Hairstens, Agnes 1836-1862  
  Hairstens, Agnes Wilson 1814-1889  
  Hairstens, Charles 1812-1890  
  Hairstens, Isabella 1856-1890  
  Hairstens, Janet     infant  
  Hairstens, Janet Corrie 1827-1892  
  Hairstens, James McWhir 1837-1895  
  Hairstens, John 1804-1841  
  Hairstens, John 1748-1833  
  Hairstens, Joseph 1823-1897  
  Hairstens, Thomas 1833-1869  
  Hairstones, Agnes 1788-1790  
  Hairstones, Jean 1668-1731  
  Hairstones, Thomas 1790-1790  
  Hairstones, William 1803-1804  

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