Keir Old Graveyard, Dumfries & Galloway HAIRSTON - Keir Old Graveyard, Dumfries & Galloway

Keir Old Graveyard

Located in Dumfries & Galloway, Scotland.

The following people are possibly related to the Hairston family in America. 

Kirkpatrick Macmillian, the inventor of the pedal driven bicycle is buried here.


  Keir Old Graveyard Born-Died  

"Here lyes the corps of Agnes HAIRSTAINES, relict of the deceast John COPLAND, late Provest of Dumfries, who departed this life the 24th day of March 1714"

  Copland, Agnes Hairstanes 1623-1714  
  Dalrymple, Agnes Copland 1663-1729  
  Dalrymple, John 1668-1731  

"Here lyeth the corps of Nicolas HERSTAINES spouse to Charles MAXWELL in Nether Keir, who depated this life 6th March the year of God 1690 aged 52  Here lyeth the corps of Margaret FRISEL, spouse ot John MAXWELL in Nether Keir, who departed this life June 17th 1708, her age 40"

  Maxwell, Nicolas Herstaines 1638-1690  

"Heir lyes the corps of Mary GRIER spouse to James HAIRSTONES who died 16th Dec 1682 aged 75 years Also Cuthbert HAIRSTONES in Penmurty died June 1720 aged 80 years Also Janet WAITE his spouse who died 31st Oct 1720 aged 50 years Also John HAIRSTON son of John HAIRSTONE in Penmurty died October 1717 aged 28 years."

  Hairstone, Cuthbert 1640-1720  
  Hairston, John 1689-1717  
  Hairstones, Mary Grier 1607-1682  
  Hairstones, Janet Waite 1670-1720  

"Heir lyes James HERSTAINES, who departed the last of January the year of God 1662, and his age 45"

On the side of the stone: "This stone and buirell place belongs to Robert Hairstons in .......: Cleugh 1751"

  Herstaines, James 1617-1662  

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