Capt. Alexander Spotswood DANDRIDGE ID#6417, b. 1 August 1753, d. 1785
Father*Col. Nathaniel West DANDRIDGE1,2 b. 7 Dec 1729, d. 16 Jan 1786
Mother*Dorothea SPOTSWOOD1 b. 1728, d. 25 Sep 1773
Birth*Capt. Alexander Spotswood DANDRIDGE was born on 1 August 1753 in Hanover County, Virginia.1,3,2 
He was the son of Col. Nathaniel West DANDRIDGE and Dorothea SPOTSWOOD.1,2 
Death*Capt. Alexander Spotswood DANDRIDGE died in 1785 in Jefferson County, Virginia.1,2 
NOTE*NOTE: There is a copy of a letter he wrote in 1774 to Col. William Preston and some family history in "Documentary History of Dumore's War 1774".2 

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