HAIRSTON.org ID#6022, d. 1752
Marriage*James ROBERTSON married Rebeckah (surname unknown).1 
County Name*1744 - Albemarle County formed from Goochland County, Virginia. 
Will*James ROBERTSON left a will on 24 October 1751 in Albemarle County, Virginia. Mentions his wife Rebekah Robertson, sons William, Thomas, James, Mathew, daughters Martha, Jean, Rebekah, Mary, Esther, Elizabeth, and Susannah (all children Robertson).2 
Death*He died in 1752 in Albemarle County, Virginia.1,3 
Probate*His estate was probated on 11 June 1752 in Albemarle County, Virginia.2 


Rebeckah (surname unknown)

Sources (www.HAIRSTON.org)

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