Dorcas PATTY ID#4540
Father*James PATTY Jr.1 b. a 1737, d. b 1803
Mother*Margaret MOTE1 d. a Feb 1803
Dorcas PATTY was the daughter of James PATTY Jr. and Margaret MOTE.1 
Marriage*Dorcas PATTY married Jesse MOTE, son of David MOTE; Jesse Mote and his wife Dorcas was buried here before my remembrance (previous to 1820). He was the youngest son of my great grandfather (David Mote). Rachel Davis, second wife of Abiather Davis and eldest daughter of David Mote afore named, was buried here about the years 1829 or 30. She had lived apart (voluntarily) from her husband for many years, for which she lost her right in the church. She held the place of an Elder several years previous to the said separation. She died at her son John Jones (on Ludlow Creek) in indigent circumstances.1,2 
WillIn Margaret MOTE's will dated 14 January 1803 in Newberry County, South Carolina, Dorcas PATTY was named as an heir; Margaret MOTE PATTY left a will on 14 Jan 1803 in Newberry County, South Carolina, leaving all her land to son David and the remander split amoung the other children.1


Jesse MOTE

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