Arthur MOSELEY ID#1725
Father*William MOSELEY1,2,3 d. 1655
Mother*Susanna COCKROFT1
Arthur MOSELEY was the son of William MOSELEY and Susanna COCKROFT.1,2,3 
Marriage*Arthur MOSELEY married Sarah HANCOCK, daughter of Simon HANCOCK and Sarah (surname unknown). There is much confusion relating to their son Arthur Moseley marrying his first cousin named Sarah Hancocke, the daughter of Robert and Johan Hancock.4,5 
PropertyArthur MOSELEY is mentioned in the property documents of William MOSELEY on 17 February 1652 in Lower Norfolk County, Virginia; WILLIAM MOSELEY, 540 acs. Low. Norf. Co., in Linhaven Parish, 17 Feb. 1652, p. 186. Trans. of 11 pers: William Moseley, Susanna Moseley. Wm. & Arthur his sonns, Susanna Robinson alis. Corker, Elizabeth West, Anne Lambert. 200 acs. purchased from William Julian.2 
Property*Arthur Mosely, 200 acs. Low. Norfolk Co., 18 March 1662, p. 248, (176). Beginning on a point in Tie Broad Creek. Granted to Edward Wilder 6 March 1662, sold to Nicholas Freeman, who assigned to said Mosely.2 


Sarah HANCOCK b. a 1643

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